Essentials of Human Communication

Essentials of Human Communication
Chapter #11 Quiz
“Public Speaking and Delivery”
On the last day of each week, Mr. Peterson will call randomly on two
or three class members to respond to one of the week’s quiz questions
orally in class. You will not know who will be called upon or what
question they will be asked to respond to. Your quiz grades will be
determined by how well you answer and respond publicly to the
questions posed to you. You will be required to respond twice during
the semester. Be prepared each week; you do not know when you will
be called upon.
Possible Chapter eleven quiz discussion questions:
1. What are 3 of the guidelines for promoting clarity in your
speaking style?
2. What are some ways to gain the attention of an audience in an
3. Describe three of your textbook’s suggestions for making critical
evaluations of speeches more effective.