Sewing Volunteer Job Description

Sewing Volunteer Job Description
Volunteer Title:
Supervised by:
Sewing Volunteer
Therapy Department Volunteer Coordinator
Seattle, WA
Time commitment of 2-3 hours per week as needed
About Boyer Children’s Clinic
Boyer Children’s Clinic improves the quality of life of children with neuromuscular disorders or other
developmental delays by providing the best solutions for each child and family. Founded in 1942 by a
group of doctors, parents, and volunteers, we provide a wide range of services and programs for
children and their families, including classroom education; physical, speech, and occupational therapy;
personalized health management; and medical consultations.
Sewing Volunteer Duties
Sewing Volunteers complete sewing projects for Boyer’s therapists and classrooms with special projects
as needed. Specific tasks and activities include:
 Completing sewing projects for the therapy department such as crash pillows, covers for gym
equipment (king size futons), and small towels for testing kits
 Completing sewing projects for the education department, including bibs and towels for snack
 Completing special sewing projects as assigned (e.g., covering large climbing structures with
sewable vinyl)
 Helping identify other creative sewing projects that meet agency and client needs
Sewing Volunteers operate under the supervision and guidance of Boyer staff at all times. Sewing
Volunteers could use the sewing machine on-site at Boyer or complete projects at home using their own
sewing machines. Boyer will provide all project materials.
Required Qualifications
 Commitment to the mission and values of Boyer Children’s Clinic.
 Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with Boyer staff.
 Experience with a sewing machine, including threading a needle/bobbin and adjusting sewing
machine tension.
 Ability to visualize, create, and execute patterns for specialized Boyer therapy needs.
 Ability to commit to a minimum of 3 months.
 Ability to carry bolts of fabric and lift up to 10 pounds.
 High School diploma or GED preferred.
Candidate Profile
Sewing Volunteers need to have excellent sewing and communication skills, and be able to form good
working relationships with our therapists and staff. Creative pattern-making skills are a must, as is a
flexible and positive attitude. We are looking for people who will take pride in helping to keep our
facilities and supplies in top shape. Sewing Volunteers must also be able and willing to take direction
from Boyer staff.
Application Process
1. Complete an Application - Applications for Sewing Volunteers are accepted on an as needed
basis. Please see our website for information on current volunteer openings.
2. Attend Orientation - During the orientation session our staff will tell you more about Boyer
Children’s Clinic, and provide guidance on sewing projects.