Syllabus BA 301

BA 301:
Data Analysis and Decision Making
Yong Choi
School of Business Administration
CSU, Bakersfield
First Announcement
If you have not registered for
this class, please leave this
room as quiet as possible.
Name: Yong Choi, PhD
Office: BDC 101
Office Hours: W(3-6pm)/Th (1-3pm)
Class Time: 3:10 – 5:15pm
Phone: (661) 654 - 6691
Email: [email protected]
 Slow email checking during weekend…
Websites for Course
Tour of the course website!
You can download almost every class material from the
course website…..
Course Material
Business Statistics: A Decision-Making Approach
Author: Groebner, Shannon, Fry, and Smith
8th edition (either with or without Software CD)
Regular edition: ISBN-13: 978-0136021544
Student value edition: ISBN-13: 978-0136121015
Pearson Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2008.
Course Website
Student Value Edition: as of August 27 (might be cheaper today??)
Tour of Blackboard
Tour of the course Blackboard!
You must “SELF-ENROLL” to the course Bb.
Try “How to Enroll in a Blackboard Course” on the
university Blackboard website
Take the quiz and submit the assignment/exam
through the course Blackboard
Goal of the Course 1
Designed for a student who finished Math 140 or
equivalent course
Prerequisite must be satisfied…
Not interested in “PURE” scientific statistics…
Statistical analysis for “real-world” business situations
Interpretation of result in business terms
Goal of the Course 2
Learning how to learn
impossible to finish the entire book (downside of
quarter system) but would like to finish most
important chapters
Stats: very popular subject (lots of online resources)
Khan Academy:
Recommended by Bill Gates and endorsed by
 Offcial Curriculum for Los Altos School District
Goal of the Course 3
Just like “Math”…cannot learn by reading
Master statistical functions of Excel
Use for every in-class
Excel (Analysis ToolPak)
Other FREE ONLINE tools and materials
NOT other tools (Mini Tab, SPSS, SAS: not
Course Description 1
Why Excel?
Available almost everywhere
Essential and critical tool for business student
Excel is an excellent statistical tool for relatively
simple business analysis. (click following for
downside of using Excel)
Not recommendable for scientific research
Course Description 3
Class format
Hybrid: Wednesday(in-class) / Other Days(online)
Wednesday: hands-on class practices using Excel
Analysis ToolPak and other Excel functions
Online tools
Other Days: basic concepts and video lectures
24 availability and unlimited access
Beneficial for all level (i.e., beginner, advanced) because of
easiness and repeatability
Khan Academy and example from the textbook
Why Hybrid?
Save LECUTRE times for basics
To use EXCELEENT resources that are available
on the Internet….FREE
impossible to finish required chapters if I have to lecture
basics…we ONLY have 10 weeks
Khan Academy and other excellent stats websites
Future of education: ability to teach yourself
Course Description 4
Quiz through Blackboard
Open book and lecture note
Make sure to finish by the due date (the quiz not
available after the due date)
Passing score : 30 out of 40 (each quiz worth 3%)
Assignment (Group)
Submit thru Blackboard (submission link)
Evaluation and Grading
Points scales are subject to change.
All essay and in-class
Final Examination
Each assignment worth 5%
Midterm Examination
Each quiz worth 3% (total 10 quizzes)
Group Assignment (two assignment)
The exam format will be announced
No Interference Policy
Surfing the Internet w/o permission
Typing (email, paper…) and cell phone texting
Talking to classmates during the lectures
If you have any question, let your instructor know directly. Do
not discuss your questions with your neighbors
Bottom line…do not distract the class
Up to 30 % of your total score can be deducted
depending on the level of interference.
Bathroom Policy
Need to go to the bathroom?
Stand next to the printer and then wait for my signal.
Remember, you MUST wait for my signal.
You are allowed to have ONLY one bathroom visit
per class
If you violet this policy, minimum 10% penalty (based
on your total score) will be applied.
Late Policy
All Students must be on time to the class.
Late! Come in as quiet as possible….
If you late more than 20 minutes without any notification
(at least 24hours), then it will be considered as
If you violet this policy, minimum 10% penalty from your
total score will be applied.
CSUB Policy
“Faculty have a fundamental responsibility to
maintain the integrity of the learning environment.
When confronted by unreasonable disruption in the
classroom, faculty are expected to initiate actions to
correct such conditions. Such actions may result in
disciplinary action ranging from removal from the
classroom to formal disciplinary sanctions, including
probation, suspension, or expulsion.”
Submission 1
If it is required, you must submit the
assignment and the exam through the
Blackboard submission link. Otherwise, it
will not be accepted.
If you’d like to avoid technical submission
problems, please submit using a PC in the
school computer lab (library)
And also try to submit at least 24 hours before
the due date.
Submission 2
When you turn in an assignment, file name of
your assignment or project must make sense.
Submission 3
When you submit an assignment (or exam),
you MUST CLOSE the Microsoft Excel
Otherwise, you will receive ZERO POINT
because ONLY title of you Excel file will be
processed and accepted by Blackboard
without including actual contents of your
assignment (or exam).
Submission 4
And if an assignment requires to submit
several files, you must submit all files
together at once.
That is, you must "UPLOAD" all the
assignment files together at once.
Course Guideline 1
Class Attendance
 Notify me first by email prior to the absence.
 Miss a class because of a documentable
illness or other reasonable cause, I will
provide help. Otherwise, I do not repeat any
lectures, labs……
 The attendance will be checked (only inclass).
Course Guideline 2
The Blackboard email is an ONLY
official email
Every BA 301 student is issued a Blackboard email account.
It is the student's responsibility to regularly check his or her
Blackboard email to stay current with BA 301 course
If you email me using other email systems after 10 days of
the first class, I will not reply……..
Course Guideline 3
Up to 40% penalization for followings:
surfing the Internet without a permission
typing (email, paper…)
talking to classmates during the lectures - If you
have any question, let your instructor know
directly. Do not discuss your questions with your
neighbors (do not distract others….).
leaving class without any notification
Course Guideline 4
Microsoft Office is the ONLY official
software for our university (No
Microsoft Works).
Thus, you MUST use Microsoft Office
when you submit assignments and
Course Guideline 5
Late work
will be not be accepted
Failure to submit an assignment by the deadline
will result in a grade of 0.
A written excuses from the appropriate person
such as a medical doctor is the only acceptable
form of excuse.
Course Guideline 6
Office hours
 Please
do not use office hours to
make up for a missed class (I do
not repeat any lectures).
You must be able to demonstrate you have already put a
reasonable effort into solving and/or analyzing the problems.
Honor code
Classroom conduct
Everyone is equal.
About MIS Lab
You will never be penalized because of technical
problems of this classroom.
Make sure the Internet connection of your computer
Bring a flash (stick) memory to save your
MIS Lab Security Policy
IT and Dean’s office established an official security
Students are not allowed to stay in the MIS Lab without a
faculty member present.
Students will not be allowed to loan the MIS lab proxy card
under no circumstances.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
Contact the Dean’s office if you have questions or
suggestions about this policy