Introduction To Rational Rose

Introduction To Rational Rose
CS 501 Recitation Session
November 1, 1999
What is Rational Rose?
• ROSE = Rational Object Oriented Software
• Rational Rose is a set of visual modeling tools for
development of object oriented software.
• Rose uses the UML to provide graphical methods for
non-programmers wanting to model business
processes as well as programmers modeling
application logic
Why Model?
• Large industrial-strength software systems
require solid specification. The UML models
act as an architectural blueprint for software
• Good models are essential for
communication among project teams and to
assure architectural soundness.
• As the complexity of systems increase, so
does the importance of good modeling
Visual Modeling Tools May Help
Mitigate these Problems
Software that poorly fits user needs
Inability to deal with changing requirements
Software integration problems
Discovery of serious flaws too late in the
• Software that is hard to maintain and extend
When Should ROSE be Used?
• Modeling can be useful at any point in the application
development process.
• Initial Design Work (Requirement Analysis and
Use Cases
Class Diagrams
Sequence Diagram
Generality is Good in early design phases. Spend your time
dealing with issues such as the planned uses of software
system and how you will implement a programming
environment to address these issues--not where and how
you are going to place the buttons on your first screen.
When Should ROSE be Used?
• Refinement of Early Models (System & Software Design)
• Introduced in Middle of Project
– Rational Rose includes tools for reverse engineering as
well as forward engineering of classes and component
– You can gain valuable insights to your actual
constructed architecture and pinpoint deviations from
the original design.
– Rose offers a fast way for clients and new employees to
become familiar with system internals
How To Use Rose
Use Case Diagrams
Sequence Diagrams
Class Diagram
State Diagrams (only on individual Classes)
Activity Diagrams (only available in 98i versions)
• Create New Class, Sequence, or Use Case Diagram –Right
click in browser over “Use Case View” or “Logical View”
and select New Diagram
• Delete – Deleting modeling items is very odd in Rational
– Diagram – Right Click on Diagram name and select
– Class from Diagram – <DEL> Key
– Class or Message from Model - <CNTRL-D>
– Warning - Rational Rose Does Not Have a powerful
• Modify properties of Objects
– Double Click on Object in Class Diagram View
– Right Click “New Attribute” to add
– Right Click and modify properties in “Browser”
• Attach a File, URL, or note to something to describe it
Double click on Object to open it
Tab to Files
Right click to “Insert File”
Add File
More Information
• UML Home Page
• Online Tutorials for Rational Rose
• Rose Whitepapers
• Rose Architect E-Magazine
• Visual Modeling with Rational Rose and UML, by
Terry Quatrani