Summer Promotional Mix Project

Essentials of Marketing in the 21st Century
Promotional Mix Project
[100 points]
You are to imagine you are opening up a new company/store. The Grand Opening is to be
around right around the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer. In this project,
you are to use all of your knowledge from class and create an effective promotional mix utilizing
all forms of promotion. First, write a summary of your business including its name, products to be
sold, industry it is competing in, and the target market.
To create an effective promotional mix, you must include:
1. Publicize a connection with the local community through a news release to
increase goodwill and a positive image for your new business (Public Relations –
Community Relations)
2. Generate an employee benefit program in a one-page, well-written description
that will attract new employees and increase production for the summer rush
(Public Relations – Employee Relations)
3. Illustrate one print advertisement that will show the business in support of the
summer season and create a positive image for the company that will attract
new customers (Advertising – Print Media: Institutional Advertising)
4. Create 2 consumer oriented sales promotions with a well-written description of
how and why they will build interest and desire and ultimately ask for action by
providing good deals to customers (Sales Promotion – Consumer Oriented)
5. Create 2 additional print advertisements that will illustrate your sales promotions
(Advertising – Print Media: Promotional Advertising)
6. Write a script to a radio or television broadcast that will talk about your sales
promotions or utilize a catchy slogan for business recognition (Advertising –
Broadcast Media)
7. Design a banner ad, button ad, or pop-up ad that can be viewed during web
browsing that will attract customers to your business (Advertising – Online Media)
8. Incorporate some other type of promotion (Sales Promotion – Trade Oriented,
Advertising – Specialty Media, or Public Relations – Customer Relations) with a
brief description to explain its effectiveness for your business.
Due at the end of class 12/18:
2 Advertisements in visual form [20 points]:
TV commercials
Radio commercial
Newspaper ad
Magazine ad
Billboard OR
**Due at the end of class 12/19:
2 Sales Promotion (Consumer Oriented) descriptions in paragraph form [20
 Premiums
 Incentives
 Sponsorship
 Sweepstakes/contests/rebates
 Product samples
 Promotional tie-ins or
 Loyalty Marketing Program
**Due at the end of class 12/20:
1 news release [10 points]
 Following proper formatting
1 Storefront window display (sketch OR description in paragraph form) [5 points]
1 Store interiors/layout/displays/personal selling (sketch OR description in
paragraph form) [5 points]
**Try to include as many visuals as possible to support your written descriptions