Biography of Florence Henderson By MacKenzie Bernard

Life Is Not a Stage
An autobiography by
Florence Henderson
with Joel Brokaw
By MacKenzie Bernard
Here’s the
of a lovely
Who didn’t exactly
bring up three very
lovely girls
(but she did have
hair of gold).
And her story
didn’t involve
marrying a man
named Brady …
Who wasn’t really busy
with three boys of his
The lovely lady had already met
a different fellow, Ira Bernstein,
and they had four kids of their
And therefore
never had a
hunch that this
group must
somehow form a
But most people will always
remember she was part of a
group that would form a family.
But that’s the way she became (part of) the …
Florence was
a success on
before the
Brady Bunch
As Nellie Forbush in
“South Pacific” on Broadway
And she was a regular on the
“Today Show”
But life was not always happy for Florence.
She was the youngest of 10 children and had never had the
happiest home; being raised by often unaffectionate parents
and always being poor.
Additionally she was sad because she
and Ira stopped getting along
She cheated on him with
John Lindsay, the mayor of New York City.
She and Ira got divorced.
She was also linked to her TV son
With Barry Williams (Greg Brady)
She married
John Kappas,
a hypnotherapist
in 1987 and was
He died in 2002.
After John died, Florence
became very spiritual. She
started to see dragonflies
very frequently and took it
as a sign that John was
still watching over her. She
even became a licensed
hypnotherapist just like
her husband was.
Since then she has been one of the
oldest dancers
on “Dancing with the Stars”.
And was honored with a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.
But no matter what she does or
how she succeeds, she’ll always
be remember for one thing …
And that’s for being Carol Brady on …
The End