Literary Devices

Mr. Witts
Haycock Elementary
5th grade
Mood is the feeling the reader gets from a
story : happy, sad, peaceful, angry and so on
A break in continuity, when a character from
a book revisits an event from their past
In Eve Bunting’s So Far From the Sea … the
scenes parts of the story about the father’s
time in the relocation camp.
Simile – compares two different things using
the word like or as
a dresser like a sunken treasure chest
loud as an old train
like loose litter in the wind
slow as an old fly
Old Man Mackenzie was as ornery as a bear that sat
on a bee
Metaphor – compares two different things
without using like or as. When you describe
something using a metaphor, you describe it
as if it were something else.
◦ My closet is a time machine.
◦ The full moon is a shiny balloon.
◦ How can you live in that pigsty?
Makes something seem human that isn’t; a
comparison in which something that is not
human is described in human qualities.
◦ the breeze whispers through the porch screen
◦ Terror grabbed at the hero’s heart … was his
famous courage hiding under the bed?
A peculiar expression in language or dialect
that can not be determined based on the
grammatical construction.
An example …. get on board does not mean
stand on a board or climb aboard a ship … it
means follow the rules or follow the
procedures outlined.
Repeating the consonant sound or sounds in
a line of text or poetry
◦ dance, dare and drop
◦ peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
An exaggeration or overstatement
◦ Their lunchroom stretches to another county.
◦ He was so hungry, he ate everything in the
Uses words that sound like the noises they
◦ …where rainbow colored birds, flutter, squawk, and
◦ Other examples of words … thump, buzz, snap,
plop, pop, bam, splat, oof
Using sounds in two or more words,
particularly in the lines of poetry
Fin, fur and feather and the human race
Must share Mother Earth as she spins through space
“Share!” says my grandpa. “Please share this place!
And we’ll care for Mother Earth as she spins through
Taken from Earthsong by Sally Rogers.
The pattern of sounds and beats that helps
poetry flow from one idea to the next.
This gaggle of parrots
of colorful hue
are macaws of scarlet
and yellow and blue.
From If I ran the Rainforest by Bonnie Worth.
The repeating of a word or phrase to add
rhythm and emphasis.
◦ The wind hissed, hissed down the alley.
◦ Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop went the hooves as
they trotted down the lane.
Using words, particularly descriptive
adjectives and adverbs to paint a picture for
the reader.
The garden glows
with cone flowers, purple-blue,
and marigolds,
latana, bright as flame.
And thistles, too.
From Butterfly House by Eve Bunting
Where two or more characters in a book are
talking to each other. Keys to look for are
quotations and words such as: said,
whispered, asked.
To suggest or indicate something before
hand. When there is a clue in the text that
might predict what will happen later in the