Activities 16 & 17: 1984

Activities 16 & 17: 1984
Ashly Day
Pricialla Lopez
Christina Mewborn
It is a cold day in April in the year of 1984 when the reader is first
introduced to the setting. From the start, the reader is given a sense
of cold and melancholy:
-propaganda everywhere
Winston: - Works in the Administry of Truth
Hates women including Julia
Hates Julia because she is so beautiful and “sexless”.
30 years old
Is a member of the inner party
Also works in the Administry of Truth
Agent of the Thought Police
- Works as a mechanic
- about 16 years old
Problem Solving
• Winston has to overcome his paranoia in
order to survive and be able to live through
the horrible situation of Oceania.
• This is a language that the party wants to
gradually become the only thing the people of
the ocean speak. Winston’s friend, Symes,
says that Newspeak language would
discourage “thought crime’ since it would
delete words commonly used by thought
Do you?
• Do you think that it is possible to create an
artificial language that will control what
people think?
I do think it is possible to create an artificial
language that will control what people think
because in foreign countries, they actually
have this kind of stuff so it seems legit.
Bad Ideas
• If we eliminate the words for bad ideas, will
that eliminate the ideas?
This unfortunately will not eliminate the ideas
because the ideas are still remaining, so
therefore it won’t be eliminated and the ideas
are etched into everyone’s brains already.
Section One summarized
• In book one of 1984, this is where we meet Winston, Julia, and O’Brien
and learn a bit about each of them and how they live. We also learn about
their lifestyle and the many ridiculous restrictions they have. The
beginning of this book (Book One) is definitely an attention grabber
because it jumps right into the world of this entire story.
Why did Winston hate Julia?
Would you rebel during that time if you had the opportunity?
Why do you think Winston chose to fall in love with Julia and rebel
against Big Brother?
What makes O’Brien “the bad guy” towards Winston?
Where did Winston work? Why is the name so contradicting?
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