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Short Answer Type Question
1. Discuss the social and Economic factors affecting International Marketing.
2. What are the similarities between International Marketing and Domestic Marketing?
3. Discuss the procedure for selection of Foreign Market.
4. Distinguish between Industrial Product and Consumer product.
5. Mention the various medium of advertising in export
6. Give the difference between of Branding and labeling.
7. What is meant by Pricing? Discuss the various objectives of Pricing in International Market.
8. Discuss the various International Policies.
9. What is a Foreign Bills of Exchange? Discuss its importance in the financing of foreign trade.
10. Mention types of Direct distribution channels/
11. Mention the Indirect Exporting Channels.
12. Give a classification of shipping companies.
13. What are the various points that you would consider before entering the export field?
14. Discuss ‘cost oriented’ Export Pricing.
15. Explain the ‘cost Plus Profit Method.
16. Explain the marginal cost method of International Pricing.
Long Answer Type Question
1. What do you understand by International Marketing? Discuss the Nature and scope of
International Marketing.
2. What is International Marketing? Discuss its Importance.
3. Discuss the difference between Domestic and international Marketing and distinguish them.
4. What do you mean by export Marketing Research? How would for your product? From what
sources would you get the necessary information?
5. Discuss the various methods of entering Foreign Markets, with their merits and demerits.
6. What do you mean by Product Planning for Global Markets? Discuss the various points should be
considered and its importance.
7. What do you mean by a New Product? Explain the product designing process for International
8. What do you mean by Product Mix? Discuss the component of International Marketing Mix.
9. Define the advertisement and mention its objectives? Discuss the objects of International
Advertisement in modern time.
10. Discuss the Branding Policies in International Market.
11. Define Packaging and explain the various packaging policies and objectives in International
12. Discuss the main pricing techniques for export. Under what circumstances can you apply
‘marginal cost pricing’ technique?
13. Discuss the various Price Quotations used in foreign trade. Discuss the various contains of them.
14. Explain the various methods of payments in International Trade and various types of credit.
15. What do you mean by Distribution channels? Discuss the types and their merits and demerits in
International Marketing Channels.
16. Give comparative discussion of various modes of transportation in Import Export trade. Which
factors affected the selection of Transportation mode?
17. What are the types of a foreign Agent? What factors should be taken into consideration while
appointing a Foreign Agent? Discuss.
18. Comment on new Export Import Policy 2009-14 declared by government of India?
19. Discuss the procedure for Selection of Foreign Markets and give a list of necessary information
required for selection of Foreign Market.
20. Describe the various price strategies in respect of exporting.
21. What do you understand by Export finance? Throw light on the types and importance of export
22. What various terms of payments are used in Foreign Trade? Discuss the pre shipment finance and
post shipment finance.