Dimensional Analysis Problems

Dimensional Analysis Problems
Solve these Problems in your Composition
1. How many minutes are in 180.0 days?
2. If a person weighs 125 lbs, 8oz, how many mg do they weigh?
3. The distance from Guaymas to San Carlos is 16.25 miles. What is the distance in
4. San Carlos has an elevation of 6.3 x 105mm. How many kilometers is this elevation?
5. If a projectile travels 3.00 x103 feet in a second, how far will it travel in 18 minutes?
6. A small herd of cattle consumes fourteen bales of hay in two weeks. How many bales
will this herd consume in a year?
7. During the previous year, San Luis Obispo’s weather station measured 0.8 yards of rain.
Express this amount in cm.
8. If a swimmer swims 85.4 yards in five minutes, how many meters will she swim in 70
9. Saffron costs $468.00 per ounce. Determine how many grams you can purchase for
10. How many grams are equivalent to 1.8x10-4 tons (English tons)
11. A gas station is charging $2.052 per gallon of gas. What would be the price for a liter of
12. Determine the number of years in 8.35x106 minutes.
13. A quart of a liquid has a mass of 2.70 kilograms. How many quarts will it take to weigh
100.0 pounds?
14. Sixty-two months is equivalent to how many minutes?
15. A car consumes 25.00 gallons of fuel when driving a distance of 400.0 km. How many
gallons will it consume when driving 250 miles?
16. 0.0054 weeks is equivalent to how many minutes>
17. A flock of birds consumes 40.0 pounds of seed in four days. How many weeks will it
take for the birds to consume 1400kg of seed?
18. How many grams are equivalent to 125 lbs?
19. If a student weighs 135 pounds, determine his mass in grams.
20. A student’s age is 16.25 years. Determine her age in days. (Use 365.25 days/year)
21. A chicken hawk can dive at a rate of 174.0 miles per hour. How many minutes must a
chicken hawk fly to travel 80.0 miles?
22. When the speed limit increased to 75.0 miles per hour, determine how many more
meters a car could travel in 15.0 minutes. The old speed was 65 mph.
23. The approximate total number of minutes for a semester of school, including evenings
and weekends, is 181,440. How many weeks is this?
24. The fastest recorded human running speed is 12.5 meters per second. What is this
speed in miles per hour?
25. If a horse walks 100 yards in 4 minutes & 30 seconds, how long will it take that horse to
travel 1 km at that rate?