AP Psychology
Analyzing It All From Beginning to End
 This
course introduces students to the
systematic and scientific study of human
behavior and mental processes. Through the
study of
psychologists, studies & psychological theories
biological bases
 behavior
 sensation and perception
 learning and cognition
 motivation
 developmental psychology
 testing and individual differences
 treatment of abnormal psychology
 behavior
 social psychology
How do you view the world?
Do you see the old woman?
Do you see the pretty girl?
Is this a vase or 2 faces?
 Nature
vs. Nurture
 Personality Types
 Social/Cultural Influences
 Maturity and Development
 Coke
or Pepsi?
 What does chocolate
taste like?
 Are girls better than boys?
 How to train your dog?
 What does your favorite
candy say about you?
Analyze and explain
why celebrities behave in
abnormal an bizarre manners.
 Analyze
and Profile a serial
History of the cases
Psychological Profile