Physics 12 & AP

Physics 12
Mr. Jean
February 26th, 2014
The plan:
Video of the day
Quiz #1 Outline
Final Project details
Final Project examples
Quiz outline:
1. Scientific Notation
Will be built into questions
2. Projectiles
Level & not level projectiles
3. Uniform Circular Motion
Horizontal circles
Vertical circles
Conical Pendulums
Banked Turns without Friction
Quiz Format:
• 1) True & False
– Typically off videos shown in class
• 2) Multiple Choice
– Combination of videos shown in class and
• 3) Short Answer
– Situational problems and applying theory
Quiz Date:
• March 5th, 2014
• Other details:
– Formula sheet
– Calculator
– Pencil & Eraser
The Final Project:
• A Rube Goldberg machine is your final
project for physics 12.
• It’s due date for this class is April 28th,
• This project will have a value of 10%
towards your final grade.
Rube Goldberg Examples:
• Here are a few professionally designed
RGB projects.
– This too shall pass.
Real life RGB:
• 45 seconds of constant motion
• No cuts to video.
• No “time wasters”…
– You’ll know what I mean.
Rube Goldberg Options:
• Examples of Real Life RGB projects
– Paul, Kevin, Tom & Brandon
Digital World RGB:
• You can use any program to create a digital
world ranging from “Phun”, “Algodoo”, Halo,
Little Big planet, Linerider, Portal, etc….
• Constant motion must continue for 2 minutes if
you choose the digital format.
– No cuts to video.
– No “time wasters”…
– Must be creative
Digital RGB Projects:
• Grady’s
Rube Goldberg:
RGB - Project
• More details: About the groups
– Soft cap of groups with 4 students.
• For every group member above 4, you need to add
15 seconds to the project if real life or 30 seconds
if digital.
– No more than 6 students will be in one group.
This is the absolute max
RGB - Project
• More details: Planning time
– Three classes of planning will be given.
• Today is one of them.
Suggested schedule:
• By mid-March have all of the machines
and layout planned
• By late-March test these different
machines individually to make sure they
function like you expect.
• By early April have a weekend in mind to
put everything together.
• By mid April have the video and project