Bell Work -

Bell Work
Directions: TAKE the ‘NOTES’ on the BACK TABLE and
complete the following questions in complete sentences
during the first five minutes of class. Be prepared to
share your answers with the class.
1) Having read Edith Hamilton’s mythology and
drawing on your background, write some of the
things that you already know about Greece!
What is Greece?!
 I will be able to identify the earliest
 I will determine how the geography
of Greece affected its growth.
Review Thesis/MLA/Textual Evidence
Order yourselves in
alphabetical order of your
middle name!
Why “Greece?”
 Word Etymology
 Latin “Graecia” =
“Land of the Greeks”
 Greek = Hellas
 Correct term =
Hellenistic Era
The First Greeks
 Read “The First Greeks: Greece at the time of
the Iliad”
 Take notes answering the guiding questions
with your table groups!
Geography of Greece
Effects of Geography
 City-State
 Independent countries
that were self contained
and isolated from one
 Masters of Sailing
 Became great traders and
colonizers due to their
ability on the sea
Read and annotate the
Sparta and Athens article
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