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Fingerprinting Webquest
Use the websites listed on the Forensic Science page: . Click the ‘kid zone’ link, then the
‘forensic science’ link. The sites you will be using are under the ‘Fingerprint Basics’ section. Use the links to
complete this worksheet.
Site #1: NIST Matching Up Fingerprints (click this link under ‘fingerprints’ section)
1. Click the intro button, turn on the sound and work your way through the pages to complete this
section. WAIT for the blue CONTINUE or NEXT SECTION buttons before you move ahead. You may
need to google some answers.
A. What does the acronym FBI mean? ____________________________________________
B. How many fingerprints are in the FBI master database of criminal files? ________________
C. What is another term for a partial print found at a crime scene?________________________
D. What do fingerprints secretions consist of? _______________, ______________, and ________________
F. What are the three main types of fingerprints? _______________ _______________ _______________
G. What type of minutiae points are shown below?
_________________ ________________ _________________ _________________
H. How many minutiae points must be in common between the latent and suspect print to be considered a
I. How many minutiae points will match on a complete fingerprint? _________
J. What type of fingerprint equipment is replacing “inked” fingerprints? ____________________
L. Which type of fingerprint is most common? __________________
M. Which type is least common? ____________________
Site #2. Go to:
Classify the following 10 prints according to pattern type: (Arch, Loop, Whorl)
1. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
2. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
3. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
4. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
5. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
6. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
7. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
8. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
9. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
10. _________________________________ Correct? y/n
Site #3 Go to the link:
a. What are the educational requirements to be a fingerprint examiner?
b. Are there any functions that were you didn’t expect to fall under the job duties of a latent print
examiner? Why/why not? ____________________________________________________
Site 4: Do the activity: Fingerprint Pattern Analysis (click this link under ‘fingerprints’ section)
Record your results:
Score _____/12
Draw the basic pattern for a:
Site #5: Wonderville Fingerprint Activity (click this link under ‘fingerprints’ section)
Do the video activity to solve the crime.
Site #6: PBS Whodunit? (click this link under ‘fingerprints’ section)
Click the link for “Whodunit?” Read the information presented and follow the directions to complete this
1. What was the crime? ____________________________________________________
2. What time did it happen? _____________ Where? _____________________________
3. How many people were involved? __________
4. How many fingerprints did you collect from the bank? _______
5. How many other fingerprints did you find that could not be used? ________
6. Who are your main suspects?
7. Why would you fingerprint the bank employees?
Follow the directions to match prints from the evidence files to the ones in the fingerprint files.
8. Which person was responsible for the crime? ________________________________