Genetics - Fingerprinting

Genetics – Fingerprinting
Forensics- gathering of evidence to support facts that are
related to a criminal investigation
Dermatoglyphics- another name for fingerprinting
2000 B.C.- fingerprints found on pyramids by Egyptians
200- 300 B.C. – in China, fingerprints were used on
William Hershel (late 1800’s)- first person to document a
Sir Edward Henry (late 1800’s)- first person to come up with
a classification system for fingerprints
Early 1900’s – U.S. military began using fingerprints
FBI – began a branch of the FBI for fingerprinting in the
Other Fingerprinting Information:
(IAFIS) Integrated Automated Fingerprint Information
System- a database of fingerprints used for both criminal and
civil cases/reasons
Friction ridges- lines on your fingers that make up your
fingerprints- makes your fingerprint unique to you
Arch, Loop and Whorl- 3 basic categories of fingerprints
3 types of prints:
1. Patent- a substance (ex- ink, blood, oil…) on finger, you
touch an object and leave a print
2. Plastic- you touch a malleable object (paint, clay…) and
your print gets indented into it
3. Latent- invisible to the eye unless dusted for it, left by the
pores, oils and perspiration of your skin