Murach's SQL Server 2008 for Developers

IST359: Introduction to DBMS
IST359 Spring 2013
M002: 3:45p-5:05p
M003: 2:15p-3:35p
Lecture: Mondays Hinds 011
Lab: Wednesdays Hinds 010
Michael Fudge
[email protected]
110b Hinds
Mandatory Instructor Background Check
BS Applied Mathematics/Computer Science
 MS In Information Management
20 years in the IT field, 10+ @ SU.
 Was the “Sr. Systems & IT Support Administrator” at the iSchool.
 I’m now a “Process Specialist”
 Work as a consultant for Software and Database development
 SQL Server DBA
Taught various courses at the 2 year, 4 year and graduate level
in a wide variety of subjects.
What is this course all about?
Database Theory 10%
SQL / Implementation 35%
Modeling / Design 45%
Advanced Topics 10%
Useless Quips 0%
This course has a pre-requisite: IST352 Systems Analysis and Design
Course Content In a nutshell.
11 “Learning Units” Weekly topics. Cumulative.
Each unit has:
Reading list from Texts, on-line materials (notes, slides, labs),
and videos.
 Study list of key terms.
In Class quiz from Reading list & key terms.
 Class lecture / demo / discussion of unit
 Group activities
Hands on Lab, allows you to practice on your own.
 Lab must be completed by the following Monday.
Course Management: Blackboard
All required readings are
there (except textbook)
Deliverables Issued:
Quizzes, Labs, Assignments,
Your grades posted in
I’ll give you a tour later. 
Required Pre-Class Readings:
Textbook Chapters
Instructor’s notes
 My
prep notes for
How-To Videos
 Some
I made
 Some I Found
 Prepare you for class
topics and labs.
Required Text #1
Databases Demystified:
A Self-Teaching Guide
2nd Edition
Andrew Oppel, © 2010.
ISBN: 978-0071747998
The book serves as a
complement to the course
materials and will help you
grasp the concepts we cover
in class. It is a refreshingly
easy read, and allows you to
learn at your own pace.
Required Text #2
Murach’s SQL Server
2008 for Developers,
Syversion & Murach, ©
ISBN: 978-1-890774-51-6
This book is an SQL
Language and SQL Server
reference / how-to. It will
be essential to helping you
complete your problem sets
and labs.
How is my grade derived?
Your final grade is the ratio of points earned / points total.
My Course Specific Policies
Anything handed in outside of class must be submitted
before day’s end (11:59:59pm on the day it is due).
 All due dates are firm… posted on the syllabus
please plan accordingly.
 No make up work or late work are permitted.
 4 or more absences will impact your final grade
negatively (down a final mark).
 Academic Integrity: All work should be your own
 Technology in the classroom is acceptable when used
for course-specific purposes.
Recipe for course success!
#1 Keep an eye
on the due dates!
#2 Come to class prepared
 The
class builds upon itself
 Maximize your face time with me.
#3 Take an interest in the course material
 Have
fun with it.
 How does it fit with your career? everyday life?
 How can you put the knowledge you learn in class to
practice outside of class?
What has been said about my class?
He only
has a
Learned a lot more
than I expected.
Helpful for landing my
Aced and interview
because of this class.
Why are YOU here?
Your Name (Call Me…)
Where are you from?
IST352: (When you took it,
who was your prof. What
was your project.)
1 thing about yourself you’d
like to share with the rest of
the class and please try to
keep it PG-13.
The only “stupid” question…
…is the one that’s never asked.
Questions On The Syllabus?
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