You should already know this, but let's REVIEW anyways… Types of

Types of characters
Person _____________________________________ centers
Character who __________________________________________
_______________________________________to accomplish something
Usually seen as __________________________ or hero/heroine
Usually ____________________ & __________________________
___________________________________ that holds the __________________________
Character who ________________________________________ to the __________________________
Usually seen as ________________________ or villain
Foil character
____________________________________ character
Character who is a ___________________________________________ to the protagonist
__________________________________________________the traits of the protagonist
because he/she is the _________________________________
Dynamic Character
Undergoes an important ___________________________________________ in the story
Comes to some ______________________________________ that permanently
___________________the character
A change occurs ___________________________________ because
of the events of the story
The _______________________ is usually _____________________, but not always
Static Character
Remains _______________________ throughout the story
______________________________________________________ to the character,
it does not cause the character __________________________
The ________________________ is usually _________________, but not always
Round character
Has many traits, _________________________________________
________________________________________ because we know
____________________________ about the character
Realistic and life-like
Most major characters are ______________________
“The test of a round character is whether it is capable of surprising in a convincing way. If it never surprises, t
is flat.”
- E.M. Forster
Flat character
Does ___________________________________ traits
___________________________________ in a single sentence because
we know ______________________________________________________
Sometimes ________________________________
_____________________________________________________ are flat
Character Archetypes
Swiss philosopher Car Jung discovered certain similarities in the myths of different civilizations which
had no possible contact with one another. By examining these myths and individuals’ dreams, he
concluded that there are certain patterns which were simply innate to the human psyche- a part of
the unconscious of every individual.
- Carl Jung, “Archetypes in Literature”
A ___________________________________________________ that often goes
on some kind of __________________________________________.
In the course of his journey, the _______________ demonstrates
the ______________________________________ valued by his __________________.
At birth, someone ______________________________________ (or ____________ them).
Usually taken away, raised by ________________________________________
Audience or reader knows___________________________________________________________, but upon
reaching ________________________ he returns to his future kingdom.
The _____________________________ and ___________________________
Father or ______________________ figure
____________________________________, teachers, or counselors to the young hero
Sometimes work as ________________________________
Mentor _________________________________the skills necessary to
Hunting Group of Companions
Loyal to __________________________________
__________________________: work for the __________________
Friends-often _______________________________________________
Willing to face __________________________________________ in order to be together
Friendly Beast
______________________ helping the hero through _________________________________
Shows that _______________________ is on the side of ___________________
Damsel in Distress
Must be _________________________ by the hero
Sometimes we see the ____________________________ and the
damsel rescuing him
_________________________, naïve, ______________________________
Often used as a ______________________________________ the unsuspecting hero
Representing __________________ and ___________________________
Figure ________________________ from a social group
for some ________________ against mankind
(can be _________ or___________________________)
Destined to become a ______________________ from place to place
A woman who uses her _____________ (intellect, _____________, or most of all, ____________) to exert
her power over men, ______________________________________________
Ultimately brings about his ______________________________
Star-Crossed Lovers
_________________________________________ that are engaged in a __________________________
that is fated to end _________________________________for one or both
Relationship is _____________________________________ by society, friends, or family
Earth Mother
Symbolic of_______________________, abundance
Offers _____________________________________________________
to those whom she comes in contact
Often depicted in ______________________ with a large chest/hips to ___________________ her
childbearing capabilities.
The Witch
A woman, _________________________ (though she may be disguised
as a _____________________, young woman), who attempts
to trap and destroy the ______________________________
Can also be the ______________________________
_____________________________ , especially in opposition to the hero
Evil, cruel and ________________________________
Devil Figure
Evil incarnate
Offers__________________________________ , fame, or knowledge to
the protagonist in ____________________________________________________
____________________________ for the protagonist
In it for themselves
Don’t hesitate to ________________ or _____________________ from the villain
if they’re in danger