Introduction to SNAB (MS PowerPoint , 3817kb)

What is Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology?
Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology is an up-todate, context-led, advanced biology course
Exciting to teach and learn, using a full range of
teaching and learning methods
The course started as a pilot in schools and
colleges in 2002. It has been available to all
centres from September 2005.
SNAB was originally developed by the
University of York Science Education Group
and the Nuffield Curriculum Centre, working
with the publisher and awarding body.
SNAB is:
• Up-to-date, taking account of recent
developments in the biosciences
• Relevant, yet requiring a sound understanding
of biological concepts and principles
• Exciting to teach and learn, utilising a full
range of teaching and learning methods
SNAB can:
• Engage and motivate students of all abilities
• Increase student autonomy and responsibility
for own learning
• Enthuse teachers and learners
About the course
• Content taught through eight context-led
contemporary topics
• Activities are an integral part of the learning
• Exclusive dedicated website, multimedia
resources, and course texts
• Novel approach to AS coursework and
development of practical skills
AS course topics
AS Topic 1 Lifestyle, health and risk
AS Topic 2
Genes and
AS Topic 3 Voice of the genome
AS Topic 4
Biodiversity and natural resources
A2 course topics
A2 Topic 5 On the wild side
A2 Topic 6
Infection, immunity and forensics
A2 Topic 7 Run for your life
A2 Topic 8
Grey matter
include traditional skills like
microscopy and dissection
Paired work
‘Star drawing’ – Topic 8
Learning about
independent assortment in
meiosis with ‘Reebops’
Discussions and role play
• On-line learning environment
• Access for teachers, technicians and
• Student worksheets, interactive
tutorials, practical schedules, interactive
GCSE reviews, end of topic tests,
technicians’ information, schemes of
web-links, e-group etc
Structure of the
new GCE Biology
AS Biology
A2 Biology
Edexcel assessment units
AS Unit 1 Lifestyle, health and risk
Genes and health
AS Unit 2 The voice of the genome
A2 Unit 4 On the wild side
Infection, immunity and forensics
A2 Unit 5 Run for your life
Grey matter
Internal assessment
AS Unit 3
•Centre-marked, Edexcel-moderated work
•Development and assessment of practical
•Report on a visit or issue
Internal assessment
A2 Unit 6
Practical investigation undertaken by
individual students and written up as a
“Biology is a practical subject
again – thank you!”
from SNAB
“I really like the way the electronic
resources dovetail in, this is the first
time I have used ICT that is properly
integrated into a course.”
“What students have most liked
about the SNAB AS course are the
ICT activities, the cutting-edge
principles, and the relevance to
what is happening in the world.”
“A major factor in this excellent teaching
is the new course which the school has
recently adopted. Superb activities and
excellent use of information and
communication technology lead
to progress of exceptional quality. All
students achieve very well.”
Official Ofsted inspection report
on a pilot centre
SNAB project website
Edexcel GCE 2008 website
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