Student Dress Expectations - Warren Township High School

Our Rationale
 “District 121 has determined the primary purpose of the school to be
education, and that matters of personal dress and grooming should be
appropriate for the situation. Students should come to school dressed in
clothing appropriate for instruction. WTHS accepts and fully recognizes that
the basic responsibility for dress rests with the students and their parents, but
experience has demonstrated the need for certain restrictions in this area.” –
WTHS Parent-Student Handbook
 Our school community prides itself on our academic success. The fashion
industry may dictate what is “in style” for social settings, however, we believe
more conservative choices will allow for greater success in our school setting.
 The dress regulations highlighted in this presentation are general guidelines.
The administration reserves the right to make final decisions on appropriate
dress. On judgments of appropriateness, WTHS will error on the side of
Clothing that contains messages that are vulgar, offensive, obscene, or
libelous is NOT permitted!
Clothing that denigrates others on the basis of race, color, religion,
creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability is NOT
Clothing that promotes tobacco, alcohol, drug use, or violence is NOT
Clothing or jewelry associated with gangs or cults is NOT permitted!
Clothing that is otherwise contrary to the school’s educational mission
is NOT permitted!
Hats, Bandanas, Hoods,
Sweatbands, & Sunglasses
are NOT permitted in the
building at any time.
Garments that are a
necessary part of a
recognized religious
organization will, of course,
be permitted.
Jackets and coats which are
designed for outdoor
temperatures must be stored
in lockers and not worn to
Nightwear and items normally worn as undergarments,
but displayed as outerwear are NOT permitted.
Unacceptable shirts include, but are not limited to:
 Halter tops, strapless, backless, spaghetti straps, revealing
midriffs, low-cut styles, sleeveless tops with less than a 2 inch
diameter on the shoulder, racerback tanks, undershirts.
Avoid items that are sheer or revealing.
Undergarment exposure is always inappropriate.
Bra exposure
Low-cut &
Straps < 2 in.
Bra exposure
Pants may not be worn to sag!
 All pants must fit around the waist and be properly
These pants are too low and
underwear is exposed.
Shorts that are excessively
tight or revealing are NOT
permitted in school.
These styles are NOT
appropriate for school!
The shorts must be fingertip length or longer.
When wearing leggings, you must wear a top
long enough to cover you – finger tip length.
Skirts and dresses that are
excessively short, tight, or
revealing are NOT permitted in
Just because you can pull your
skirt down it does NOT mean
that it will retain that length
when walking up the stairs or
sitting in class.
Unacceptable Dance Dresses
 No backless dresses lower than the natural waistline.
 No dresses cut below the bust line.
 No cut outs that expose skin from the bust line down
Cut below
bust line
No cut outs that
expose any skin from
the bust line down.
Unacceptable Dresses
 These dresses are very short!
Appropriate Dresses for Dances
Appropriate Dresses for School
The WTHS dress standards are intended to create an environment
where learning is the primary focus, with as little distraction as
possible for our students.
We hope to maximize the effectiveness of each student’s educational
experience by maintaining a culture of hard work and integrity, which
includes appropriate dress.
Should a student make an error in judgment with regard to dress, they
will be asked to remedy the situation immediately through the
following process:
 If the student has a substitute clothing item available, they will be asked to
change immediately and return to class.
 If the student does not have alternate clothing, they will be required to change
into a PE uniform for the rest of the day, or until a parent drops off an
appropriate change of clothes.
Repeat disregard of the dress expectations will result in
consequences defined by the parent-student handbook.
We certainly do not want students to miss class time for any
reason, especially inappropriate dress. If a clothing item is in
question, opt for another choice! The deans are always
available to answer questions about dress expectations.
Keep a sweater, sweatshirt, sweatpants or jeans in your
locker. The easiest way to fix an inappropriate or revealing
outfit is to cover it up!
Be prepared: this presentation was designed to clarify the
unavoidable ambiguity that exists in most dress codes.
Inappropriate dress issues are not up for debate. Refusal to
remedy a dress situation will result in your choice to miss
class; these absences will be unexcused.
Presented by the Deans of WTHS