What is Elaboration?

Name: _______________________________________________________ Block: _____ Date: __________________
Argument’s Body Paragraph: Elaboration
Your body paragraphs must include
A clearly stated reason
At least ________________ pieces of evidence from the text
What information can we use for good, supportive EVIDENCE?
Facts – evidence that is proven to be ________________________
Research Studies – any research done that supports your reasoning
Anecdotes - _____________________________________________________________________________
Statistics – a numerical value that emphasizes an amount of something
Quotations – exact words from a ______________________________ individual
What is Elaboration?
Elaboration: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Elaboration involves you _______________________________________________________________to
further support your argument.
Tie-Back / Elaboration Sentence Starters:
Example Body Paragraph – Identify the reason, evidence and elaboration
First, music is an important elective that should not be taken out of
schools because it can help students beyond the classroom. For example,
Michael Gellman, an eighth grader, has played piano since he was four.
When he wrote a personal essay last year, he realized how important his
playing had been. His memoir revealed how it had helped him cope with his
parents’ divorce and the death of a piano teacher (“Music is Always
Power”). Music can be therapy for students like Michael and help during
difficult times. Taking this class away from students also takes away an
outlet that many students need during tough times in life.
Types of Evidence
Further Elaboration
 Thought provoking question
 If…then statements
 Compare and contrast
Further Elaboration
Thought Provoking Question – asking a question in your paper and directing towards the audience
with no answer expected.
~ It’s purpose is to get the reader to wonder and ask ________________________________________.
If…then statements - ____________________________________________________________________
Comparison – to compare your reason to another subject, instance, or fact so that the reader may
get a better understanding of your argument.
Identify the elaboration and type of elaboration in the body paragraph below:
Bulldogs are suffering. Because of the way they have been bred, those cute dogs
have difficulty breathing, skin problems and joint pains from their stumpy legs. In
addition, bulldogs are bred to have an undershot jaw which leads to teeth problems.
But bulldogs have not always had these problems. It is because of the breeding that
has developed as a result of the breeding. Therefore, is it preventable? Can these
issues be reversed and actually be bred out of the dogs? These types of struggles
seem to only occur with household pets. What if it was a horse? If there was a horse
who struggled with breathing, eating, or exercising, there would be a major concern in
the equine world. So why is it not being taken care of with the bulldog?
Reread Selena’s body paragraph. Underline all of the components of her body paragraph (reason, type of
evidence, elaboration, transitions
If the breeding standards for bulldogs do not change, it could lead to future
deformities in other breeds of dogs. According to the article “Is the Bulldog Doomed?”
in history dogs were working animals, bred to herd sheep or hunt. Now, dogs are bred
just for their appealing looks rather than what they do. If this has occurred with the
bulldog, then it will occur with other breeds if something is not done. According to
Kirsten Theisen of the Humane Society of the Unites states, “People wanted to own
the cutest dog on the block; the breeders began selecting for traits without regard for
the health consequences for the animals.” Breeders breed dog so that they can appeal
to the buyer and the trend. However, breeders are not always responsible. If the
standards for the bulldog change so that they promote a healthier dog, then breeders
will want to meet those healthy standards not just for the bulldog but for other dogs as