Countries of Middle East/Asia

Bellwork: March 5th
1. What do you know about the Tigris
and Euphrates River?
2. What do you know about the
Himalayan Mountain range?
3. List as many countries as you can in
the Middle East?
4. What natural resource is most
abundant in the Middle East?
South and Southwest Asia
 Create your Burrito Book,
 then turn your scissors in the plastic
bin by the sink.
 Get a map of Asia (by the scissor bin)
 Turn in your Textbook to R55.
 Begin labeling countries of South
and Southwest Asia.
Landforms of Middle East/Asia
 Landforms
A. Mediterranean Sea
B. Black Sea
C. Red Sea
D. Euphrates River
E. Tigris River
F. Persian Gulf
G. Caspian Sea
H. Arabian Peninsula
I. Indian Ocean
J. Arabian Sea
K. Bay of Bengal
L. Himalayan
M. Tropic of Cancer
N. Yellow River
O. Ganges River
P. Nile River
Q. Sahara Desert
Countries of Middle East/Asia
2. Jordan
3. Lebanon
4. Syria
5. Iraq
6. Saudi Arabia
7. Yemen
8. Oman
9. United Arab Emirates
10. Qatar
11. Kuwait
12. Iran
13. Turkmenistan
14. Uzbekistan
15. Kazakhstan
16. Afghanistan
17. Pakistan
18. India
19. Sri Lanka
20. Bangladesh
21. Bhutan
22. Nepal
23. China
24. Mongolia
25. Turkey
26. Kyrgyzstan
27. Tajikistan
“I am” statements
 I am a sea named after a color.
 I am located between Africa and Asia.
 Red Sea.
 Or you can use personification:
 I am a river with a brother.
 My brother’s name is Tigris.
 Euphrates River
 You could also use imagery, alliteration,
personification, etc..
 Create 5 “I Am” statements.