USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley

USOKS Global Expeditions
Cusco & The Sacred Valley
August 9th 2014 – August 20th 2014
Join the USOKS Research Team Peru on a fascinating expedition through Cusco and
the Sacred Valley. This is no ordinary ‘’tour’’ – The USOKS Research Team Peru, will
take you through the known and unknown sites in Cusco and the surrounding area.
Experience areas of Cusco you have never seen or heard of before and explore in
depth with the team. Our specialist team member, Jesus Gamarra (who recently led
Graham Hancock around Cusco), will lead small expeditions to sites known only to
Jesus and the team. The itinerary is what we like to call a ‘’grass roots’’ expedition. We
will be hiking most days but we will have the added convenience of buses & trains
where necessary. So, bring your hiking boots,
sun hat,
and plenty of water and join us on an exclusive, affordable expedition with the USOKS
Research Team, Peru.
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 1
Welcome to Cusco and to the USOKS Research Team, Peru
The USOKS Research Team Peru
Bob Newton
Independent Research, Founder and Director of USOKS - Bob Newton
has spent the last 51 years in global independent researching. Bob founded the USOKS
Research Group in 2008 and has been pulling together researchers globally ever since. Bob
recently spent five months in Peru researching with Jesus Gamarra.
Independent Researcher and Author – Jan Peter de Jong
lived for 13 years in Cusco. He and Jesus Gamarra have produced documentaries on the
theories of Alfredo Gamarra. Jan is especially interested in the ancient and advanced stonework
from various sites in Peru, and has researched into the parallels globally using the Gamarra
theory. Jan also is a proponent of the ‘’Less Gravity and Expanding Earth theory’’. Jan speaks
fluent Spanish, English and Dutch.
Jan Peter de Jong
Independent Researcher, Co Director of USOKS – Anne
Tittensor has been involved in archaeology and historical research since the age of 17. Anne is
a hands on researcher and has travelled to Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, Albania,
Armenia, most of Europe and has lived and researched in Turkey for 8 years. Anne recently
spent five months in Peru researching with Jesus Gamarra.
Anne Tittensor
Independent Researcher, Author and Film Maker – Jesus
Gamarra will be highlighting some spectacular areas around Cusco and the Sacred Valley.
Jesus knows the place like nobody else and has been investigating them since he took over the
work of his late father Alfredo Gamarra. He has produced several documentaries and has
authored books on the fascinating theories of Alfredo. Jesus has appeared many times on
Peruvian television and on the History Channel. Recently, he personally accompanied Graham
Hancock on his visit to Cusco & the Sacred Valley, explaining the alternative interpretations of
some of the ancient stonework which according to Jesus and the USOKS Research Team, does
not belong to the Inca and indeed originates from a time now lost to us.
Jesus Gamarra
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Today we book into our Cusco Accommodation – relax with a Coca Tea and get
to know each other. Today we will explore the streets, walls and rivers of Cusco
on a fascinating but relaxing walk through the town.
We will stop off this afternoon for lunch and take a break in the day to point
everyone in the right direction for necessary stores : supermarkets, drug stores
As this is Day 1 and everyone will still be aclimatising, the street walk will finish
around 4pm. Relax and finish unpacking before meeting up for an evening meal
at 7pm at the Inca Grill on Plaza de Armas
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 2
Still aclimatising to the altitude? – No problem, today we explore the Koricancha, the
Koricancha Museum & wander back through the streets of Cusco to visit some of the
other museums Cusco has to offer. The Koricancha is one of the most enegmatic areas
of Cusco. Most ‘’normal tours’’ give you 30 mins here, in and out to take pics!! – The
USOKS Research Team explore the in depth possibilities of the Koricancha with expert
Jesus Gamarra and the theories of the USOKS Research Team.
(Around lunch time, you will have the choice of quick and simple eateries around the
Koricancha.Take a break for 1 hour before continuing onto the other museums).
This evening we will enjoy a communal evening meal (Inc) at our favourite Pizza
Restaurant with round the table chat and questions.
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 3
Today we get an early start after breakfast. Packed lunches will be provided today, but
please bring some snacks e.g. energy bars, energy drinks, water. We will acquire our
transport at the plaza de Armas which will take us to Tambomachay and from there we
will hike through all the outposts (dont panic!! – its downhill), ending back in Cusco via
our favourite watering hole....
The mainstream attribute Tambomachay to the Inca – well theres a surprise!!. However,
wait till you see this place. A beautiful and peaceful ambience awaits you here. A
relatively short walk along the river to the main site, you will be AMAZED at the
variations of stone at Tambomachay. The biggest surprise of all (at least to us!!), is the
presence of HUGE blocks of Hanan Pacha left in situ and simply built around. Amazing
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Puca Pucara
The official explanation : There is a small amount of argument over what Puca Pucara's
real function was when the Incan empire was still thriving. As stated above, it was at
least partially a military base and, since it was on such a major road and overlooking so
many important spots, it was a very good place to spot people causing trouble. Officials
could have used it as a checkpoint on the road, stopping those who looked suspicious
from travelling any further into the empire where they could potentially wreak havoc. It
could have served as a stop for military groups travelling nearby, too. Another theory is
that it was a place of rest for hunters and weary travellers, as well as Incan nobles, due
to all of its luxurious baths, canals, plazas, fountains, and separate rooms.
A good 30 minute hike (downhill) will take us to what looks like a small rocky outcrop at
the side of the road. Wait till you see and experience Zone X........
Zone X
Zone X was actually given its name by our very own Jesus. This is a favourite place of
USOKS Researcher Anne Tittensor. Zone X is probably the most overlooked site at
Cusco. Explore the caves and tunnel systems with the team. Headlamps, water and a
loud voice is absolutely necessary for this hike!!
along a rope or two as well.....
We might take
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
If we can pull you away from Zone X – lol – we will make our way back down to the road
and cross over to hike to the Temple of the Moon. The walk is very pleasant and there
are a lot of anomalies on each side of the path to photograph. If by now you are feeling
slightly leg weary, why not pay a few soles and jump on a horse to take you straight to
the Temple of the Moon – the horses are very nice and very docile....
Temple of the Moon
Temple of the moon, what can we say? – fascinating outpost. Giants and small people
all in one place? And just for Jan Peter, a few vitrified areas? – YEP..............
The Fort & Inca Road back down to Cusco
We finish the days’ hike via Annie’s fort (an off the road surprise!) and wind our way
down via the old Inca road back into Cusco – fabulous, comfortable walk back down via
a wonderful tree lined road into Cusco and the Plaza de Armas.....via of course the
USOKS favourite area of San Blas – we will stop off here for a drink at the Muse Too
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Tonight is a free evening – eat wherever you choose – The Research Team will be
eating this evening at Nortons Pub
Feel free to join us (best burgers in town) & it has a pool table & a dart board & a
smoking balcony & a parrot!! (a talking one), and a great atmosphere – ok, so you get
the point .....
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 4
Today is a full day hike. Day pack and packed lunch (Inc) with plenty of water is the
order of the day.
Sacsayhuaman – where it all started for the USOKS Research Team. What is this
place? – Today, we start and finish at Sacsayhuaman. A fabulous day hike to explore
the USOKS theories and beyond.
Leaving Sacsayhuaman, we hike up into Waychaypata (where we will stop at a beautiful
spot for our packed lunches).This hike is one that will stay with you for many years.
Marvel at this unexplored region above Cusco and Sacsayhuaman. We have not
included pics for this part of the hike. To see with your own eyes, is to believe .......
The Flow and the ‘unexplained’ off the beaten track anomalies!!
We leave Sacsayhuaman in the late afternoon with a leisurely walk back down the side
streets into Cusco. Two hours freshen up time after today, then a communal evening
meal with discussion & questions (and there will be plenty of them!!). Eatery will be put
to the vote today !!
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 5
After yesterdays hike, today is a relatively easy journey. Today we walk up and out of
Cusco town to the main road and a short uphill jaunt to Tetekaka. The USOKS
Research Team have monitored and cleaned this outpost on a few occassions, but be
prepared to clean up and polish again for the most marvelous shots of targeted
vitrification and unexplicable surroundings. One of the most overlooked outposts, we will
spend some time here...
Carrying on above Tetekaka – a good hours hike will take us to the next outpost at
Well – we have everything from Llama blood letting tables to places of worship to
tambourine clashing temple niches!! – forget everything you have read. Explore Kenko
(every nook & cranny) and make up your own mind.....
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Free afternoon & evening - This afternoon & evening is free. Relax, shop,
whatever takes your fancy. The USOKS Research Team will be on Pizza patrol this
evening – Why not join us......
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 6
Early Breakfast & Early Start – Packed Lunches (Inc) – again, please bring extra snacks
and drinks if required...
Full day hike to Inkill Tambo
This full day hike to one of the strangest places on the planet, takes us through some of
the most fabulous countryside, alongside rambling streams and quiet grazing Llamas. A
packed lunch and a full supply of memory cards will be the order of the day as you will
NOT encounter any eateries on this particular hike. One can only marvel at this place.
Dont forget your flashlights and/or headlamps.
On return to Cusco this evening, there will be time to pack
ongoing journey tomorrow as we leave Cusco.
for the
Communal meal (Inc) this evening to discuss the logistics for the Sacred Valley
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 7
We Leave Cusco early morning for our full expedition through the Sacred Valley.
Some of the areas we visit may be familiar to you but I am sure there will be a few
surprises even for those of you who have travelled in the Sacred Valley. Jan Peter
will stop us along the way to explain some of these unusual, unvisited areas. Packed
lunch included.
Our first stop on the journey is Chinchero – Chinchero is one of the few towns in the
region that is higher than Cusco (it's located at approx.12,400 feet). Chinchero is known
as the land of the rainbow "... It is not possible to watch the rainbow, they say superstitiously, without covering
the mouth because it rots the teeth. Neither it is possible to point it with the finger because it undermines the bones.
Maidens run away from it because if it catches them in the countryside, it has children with them ".-
What to say about Moray. The theories are relentless. From altitude potato planting to
bull ring, yes, you heard me correctly, just one of the more far fetched scenarios
spouted by the ‘’guides’’ at Moray. Just about everything is viewable from the top of the
site, so some great shots to be taken before hiking down and trying out the sound
Before moving on, spend a few at the on site market stalls. Although a tourist hot spot,
the prices here are very reasonable for your nick nacs..
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
The salt has been obtained in Maras by evaporating salty water from a local
subterranean stream. The highly salty water emerges at a spring, a natural outlet of the
underground stream. The flow is directed into an intricate system of tiny channels
constructed so that the water runs gradually down onto the several hundred ancient
terraced ponds. Some great photo opportunities here at Maras – it really is a beautiful
sight. Save some soles for a salt pyramid!!
Onto Ollantaytambo & stay the night – please ensure that on arrival at the
Ollantaytambo accommodation, you pack a small overnight bag ready for tomorrow
afternoons journey to Agua Calientes. The evening is then free to stroll around the
square at Ollantaytambo and choose a restaurant for your evening meal.
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 8
Ollantaytambo & Journey to Agua Calientes
Ollantaytambo is a highlight of this expedition. By now, you should have your walking
legs and what a wonderful place to push them to the limit. Here we will not only climb
the site, but as a group, we will wonder off the beaten path to explore the ignored
wonders of this area. We will spend most of the day here before setting off to catch the
train in the late afternoon. Packed lunch included.
Leave Ollantaytambo on the 16.46 train to Agua Caliente. The train takes approx
1hr 40 mins, so we will arrive in Agua Caliente in plenty of time to book into our
accommodation and get some food and rest. Great wee place. Although
nowadays Agua is overpriced due to the Machu Picchu ‘’traffic’’, there are still a
few good eateries and watering holes that cater for the backpackers and thrifty
travellers...We can leave our luggage at the Ollantaytambo accommodation, so
only a small overnight bag required for tomorrow..
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 9
Very early start to beat the tourists!! We can take our small overnight bags with us. If
need be, we can check them at the entrance. So please ensure that your overnight
bags are small and only hold necessities. Packed Lunch Included
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca site located 2,430 metres above sea level. It is
located in the Cusco Region, Urubamba Province – and if you believe this mainstream
explanation, you shouldn’t be on this expedition... LOL
Back to our Ollantaytambo accommodation on the 19.00 train....Communal
evening meal to discuss Machu Picchu.
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 10
Leave Ollantaytambo early morning after breakfast to continue our Sacred Valley leg of
the expedition. Today we will travel by bus to some stunning sites and a few extra stop
offs that are not usually frequented by visitors to the Sacred Valley. A busy day, so
packed lunches (Inc) and, if required, bring some of your favourite snacks...(please
bring plenty of water)
The ruins are spread out on the hills above the town of Pisac. There is a large
agricultural section with terraces. Most people go to Pisac for the market, well worth it
also, but that is no comparison with the site above the town. The site is known as Inca
Písac, and it seems to have been made to keep an eye on an entrance into the Sacred
valley. Contrary to some mainstream information that this site is Inca built, the different
qualities of the masonry of the buildings tell us a different story!!
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Travelling back towards Cusco, we will stop off at Tipon. Tipon is located about 30
minutes down the road from San Jeronimo, very close to Cuzco. On the south-eastern
route from Cusco, is one of the most interesting samples of agricultural terracing and
water management. Even today, water is rushing though the channels and wide
terraces. Tipon is famous for its’ CUY – or Guinea Pig in English.
If you want the best Guinea Pig in town – here is where you
go. Guinea Pig anyone? – or will you just stick to the USOKS packed lunches
Mmmmmm decisions, decisions..
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Back to Cusco and a return to our accommodation. Today has been a long day and I
am quite sure everyone would welcome a hot shower and some refreshments. This
evening is a free evening, however the USOKS Research Team will be available to
answer your Sacred Valley questions and can be found with their feet up over at
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 11
Our last day together. After a communal breakfast, we will head out into the streets of
Cusco for a final hike through the town, looking at and studying the walls perhaps in a
different light after our in depth expedition. You may want to re take some of your pics at
this stage or just add to your collection. We would also like to take this opportunity to
those of you who wish to appear on the USOKS Facebook page –
perhaps with your own theories!! – after all, thats what an expedition is all about – on
the ground research - and making up your own mind.........
Final Street walk
There will be time for you to spend a couple of hours before the conference to freshen
up and gather together your questions and ideas for the USOKS Research Team......
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
End of USOKS Expedition Buffet & Conference
The Expedition buffet (Inc) will have everything to suit everyone. The conference will
start at 9pm and continue until 10.30pm.
Note : There will be a communal breakfast tomorrow morning for farewells and
Expedition handouts. Please inform a member of the team if you have to leave early
prior to this tomorrow and we will ensure you get your ‘’goodies’’ tonight.....
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Day 12
Communal Breakfast
Goodbyes & assistance – receive farewell pack, DVDs and Expedition Pics
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
Some hints and tips and some absolute necessities for the USOKS Expedition.
Comfortable, lightweight, wind proof, waterproof jacket & trousers (zip offs are best)
Sun Hat & Sunglasses
Excellent walking boots/shoes & flip flops for water walking..
Thin gloves
Sweatshirt or sweater
Advice : (Layers of clothing are the best – the day may start off chilly but you will
get warm/hot when hiking. Last thing in the evening, it may get cooler again.)
Camera & Memory Cards
Flashlight (headlight is perfect)
Water Bottle & Fanny Pack (Bum Bag)
Money & passport belt
Notepad & Pen
Small overnight/day pack (Please note the word ‘’small’’)
Sunscreen & Lipsalve
Handy wipes/Baby wipes (all toilet paper/handy wipes etc.. must be disposed of in the bins
provided – Non organic material CANNOT be flushed in Peru)
9. General toiletries (toiletries in the local supermarkets are just the same as home if you
want to avoid the old ‘liquid restrictions’ at your outgoing airport).
 Optional
1. Walking stick (note: this may not be allowed within Machu Picchu)
2. Altitude medication (Coca Tea & Candy will be provided)
Must Have
Travel & Medical Insurance plus one photocopy for Expedition Leader
Emergency Contact Details to be handed to Expedition Leader on arrival
Passport plus 3 photocopies for Expedition Leader
A laid back attitude and a good sense of humour
Advice : Please, bring soft luggage : large, solid suitcases are not only difficult to store, but cause
delays when travelling.....
Advice : If you require special medication, please store this in your hand luggage and in your
small daily backpacks. DO NOT carry medication in your check in luggage!
Please note: The USOKS Expedition is focused on hiking, walking, climbing and a
certain amount of cave walking. Participants therefore must have a reasonable
level of fitness, a sense of adventure and be willing to ‘rough’ it on some days.
USOKS Global Expeditions Cusco & The Sacred Valley
The currency in Peru is Soles. This fluctuates greatly, so best to check the exchange
rate just before you leave your country of origin. Most things are very reasonable (apart
from the highly frequented tourist areas e.g. Macchu Picchu).
Advice : Unless you are made of money, dont drink imported beer. The local beer is cheap and
Advice : DO NOT bring travellers cheques unless you want a lot of strange looks whilst waiting in
a bank queue for 2 hours!!
Advice : Shop around and haggle – it is expected. If you dont speak Spanish, ask Jan Peter to
translate for you.. (sorry Jan, but your Spanish is excellent, you are the only person for the job)!!
Whats Included
All travel within Cusco and the Sacred Valley
All entry fees to sites
All off the road guiding
Breakfast each morning
Packed lunches
Certain evening meals as indicated by (Inc)
All conference activities
Talks by the USOKS Research Team & special days with Jesus Gamarra
End of expedition evening buffet & conference
USOKS Expedition packs
Whats not included
International flights
Travel & medical Insurance
Price Per Person for the Full Expedition
Deposit (20%) (non refundable if cancelled by customer) Full amount payable 6 weeks prior to