Student Name: Date: ______ Standard Indicator 8

Student Name:
Date: ___________
Standard Indicator 8-1.3
1. What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World?b
2. Who established the first permanent settlement?
3. What did the earliest settlers endure?
4. What saved the settlement from disaster?
5. What practice did the London Company initiate in order to attract more settlers?
6. Define the Headright system.
7. How did the headright system contribute to the settler’s conflict with the natives?
8. By what 2 ways did Tobacco farmers enlarge their land holdings?
9. What “reliable source” of labor did the farmers begin using in the late 1600’s?
10. Who established the House of Burgesses in 1619?
11. Why was the House of Burgesses created?
12. Describe the governmental model and influence of the House of Burgesses.
13. What did Jamestown eventually become? How did this affect future southern colonies?
14. Why were the New England colonies founded?
15. Who landed in Plymouth?
16. What did they sign?
17. How did the Plymouth Compact serve as a model for future American democracy?
18. Describe the earliest conditions of the Separatists?
19. Who assisted the Separatists? How?
20. Who arrived in Massachusetts Bay in the 1630’s?
21. What did they invest in?
22. Describe their forms of government.
23. Who could vote under their form of government?
24. What did they sell/create that allowed them to prosper?
25. Why were schools an early priority?
26. Define Dissenter?
27. What happened to the Dissenters?
28. What factors allowed for the rapid spread of the Puritan ideas throughout New England?
29. Define Homogeneity
30. What did the majority of New Englanders enjoy?
31. Who settled the Middle Colonies?
32. Who first settled New York?
33. Who first settled Delaware?
34. Who settled into Pennsylvania?
35. Who were the Quakers? What did they believe?
36. What did the Quakers promote? How did this affect the colony?
37. The Middle colonies enjoyed the greatest ________ of people and religions in British North
38. What did King Charles II grant William Penn? Why? What did this allow Penn to do?
39. What type of assembly did Pennsylvania have? How did this compare to other colonies?
40. Why was Pennsylvania initially founded? What was it known as?
41. How was South Carolina founded?
42. Who was granted the land?
43. Define quitrent.
44. How were the Proprietors hoping to make a profit?
45. Who was commissioned to write the first constitution? What was it called?
46. What policies included in the document were designed to attract settlers?
47. How was the constitution aimed at creating a society “based on deference to Elites?
48. Were these policies ever carried out?
49. How were these policies different from the New England and Middle Colonies?
50. What provision was included to encourage immigration?
51. How did the Headright system lead to the establishment of large plantations?
52. Who were the first English settlers?
53. What did they bring with them? How did this make the plantation owners wealthy?
54. What are some of the other various places that settlers came from?
55. What aspect of the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina encouraged settlers such as French
Huguenots and Jewish Settlers?
56. What are some factors that contributed to the development of plantations and their prosperity?
57. How did the Lords Proprietors originally control the government?
58. How was this form of government similar to the other colonies?