Part II: Eightfold Path

Go to the following URL:
Make sure that you are on the page titled “Buddhism”
Part I - WEBQUEST: Answer the following questions in ONE full
sentence each. Restate the question and DO NOT copy and paste!
1. Where does Buddhism begin?
2. Who is the founder of Buddhism?
3. What is Nirvana?
4. What do Buddhists believe?
5. What do Buddhists Believe about the Buddha?
6. What are the three jewels of Buddhist Belief?
7. What three qualities are represented in the Eightfold Path?
Part II: Eightfold Path- Dharma Wheel
The Eightfold Path teaches Buddhists how to achieve Nirvana.
The Dharma wheel is a Buddhist symbol that represents the
Eightfold Path because it has 8 spokes.
Log onto QUIA in order to match each step in the path with its
correct meaning. Once you have identified the meanings of
each step, write them UNDERNEATH their titles.