Industrial-organizational psychology, neuro

Industrial-organizational psychology, neuro-psychology, and forensic science (behavioral track)
Roni Reiter-Palmon, Clayton, and Beth – IO-Psyc at UNO
 What is it?
o Applying psychology to business; analyzing performance, training, personnel selection,
consumer satisfaction, performance predictors, work-group dynamics
o Psychology in the workplace
Where do we work?
o Professors, consultants, employee effectiveness, human resources managers – analytics, trainers
and organizational development, statistical analysts, compensation analysts
Why study at UNO?
o – general info
o UNO program – MS and MA/PhD tracks
o MS:
 No thesis
 Applied focus
o MA/PhD:
 Thesis required
 Applied or research focus
o Roni Reiter-Palmon
 Personality
 Creativity
o Wayne Harrison
o Lisa Scherer
 Problem solving and decision making
 Work-life balance
 Darkside behaviors
o Carey Ryan
 Diversity issues
 Group processes
o Joseph Allen
 Teams and meetings
 Stress and emotions
 Volunteerism
Resources at UNO
o New students assigned mentors
o Faculty research groups
o Teaching and research assistantships available
o Pain internships available
Center of Applied Psychological Services (CAPS)
Our Students
o Beth
 Grew up with it
Research interests in undergrad
Supportive UNO
Dedicated faculty
Assistantship opportunities
o Clayton
 Had a lot of interests in psychology – wanted to apply it to any situation
 Real-world applicability
 Freedom to pursue research interests
 Great community
 Very responsive faculty
o Questions:
 What other places did you apply?
 Beth – applied to 5 others
 Clayton – applied to 5 also
Research in an MS program?
 Can’t be a good practitioner if you don’t know the science.
 Need to have a background in research
Learn more?
 Brochures and cards
Gary Plank – from NWU Forensic Science Program
 Forensic careers
o Civilian careers
 Crime analyst – FBI, police force
o Cold case analyst
o CSI Unit
o Computer Database Analyst
 Violent criminal apprehention program (ViCAP)
 Serial crimes
 Homicide information tracking system (HITS)
 Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System (ViCLAS)
o Threat Assessment Expert
 Stalking, school-place violence, work-place violence
Law Enforcement Careers
o Law Enforcement Careers – consultative, but also hands-on work
 SS
 State Investigator
 County Investigator
 City Investigator
o Biology and Chemistry
o Investigative Sciences
o Behavioral Sciences
Criminal Investigative Analysis
o Profiling
 This type of a crime would be committed by this type of a person
o Investigative Suggestions/Techniques
o Interview Techniques
o Justification for Search Warrant
o Personality Assessment
 Understand people and abnormal psychology
o Equivocal Death Analysis
 Unknown
o Stalking
o Threat Assessment
o Workplace Violence
o Discourse Analysis
Behavioral Sciences Education
o Psychology
o Criminology
o Sociology
o Political Science
o Forensic Science
Research Initiatives
o Important!
o Men are the most dangerous
 Portrayed in movies as “getting the girl”
Neuropsychology – Caitlin Hudac, M.A.
 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
 Possibility to work with MRI machine
 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy – head cap
 Infant functional MRI
 Pediatric imaging
 Pediatric ERP/EEG
 Infant Functional MRI
Other Projects
o Sleep restriction and enhancement on cognitive performance
o Ontological exploration
o UNL athletics
 Effects of cognition/performance
 Prospective study of concussion
o Pain
Dennis Molfese
Caitlin Hudac