P. O. Box 909, P. C. 132,
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
GSM: 00 968 99255774
[email protected]
OBJECTIVE: A career position in an environment where my demonstrated abilities in the field of educational institute management
teaching and analytics can add directly to enhanced productivity levels of the students and trainees.
Matriculation from Convent of Jesus and Mary, F. Sc./Intermediate, from Lahore College for Women, B. Sc. in Mechanical
Engineering from University of engineering and Technology, Lahore, and B. Ed. From Preston University, Lahore, Languages: Spoken
fluently and well written for English and Urdu.
Faculty Member, Beaconhouse, Muscat
Sept. 2014 – Mar. 2015
Taught at Al-Ghad Al-Mashriq School (managed by Beaconhouse School System), Qurrum, Muscat. Taught Social Studies for
Grades VII & VIII and IGCSE subject (Pakistan Studies) for Grades VIII, IX and X. Among my other major responsibilities was being the
Class Teacher of O’ Levels, making lesson plans for all of the above-mentioned classes, etc.
Coordinator, Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore, Pakistan
June 2013 – June 2014
COORDINATED Grades VI – VIII at Beaconhouse School System - Pakistan; from June 2013 till June 2014. Successfully
conducted syllabus and planning meetings with all the teachers of these classes and led them to provide immaculate educational
environment for the students. I managed all aspects of coordinatorship; guiding the team of teachers, lesson plans checking and copy
checking, class room maintenance, time table making, planning events for the respective classes and school overall, etc.
Faculty Member, Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore, Pakistan
Aug. 2011 – May 2013
TAUGHT Islamiyat to Grades III – VI and was Class teacher of Grades VI in 2011. TAUGHT Social Studies and Mathematics to
grade VIII in 2012 at Beaconhouse Newlands (BNL). Led a team of faculty members as a syndicate leader for grades VI and VII.
Due to my LEADERSHIP qualities and good MANAGEMENT skills; I as the Ambassador for group of students from
Beaconhouse Newlands (BNL) to take them to Newlands branch in United Kingdom on school’s official trip for two years in a row;
2012 and 2013.
Based on my demonstrated skills and devotion towards BNL, I was PROMOTED to the post of coordinator for the primary
section: Grades VI – VIII.
Faculty Member, LACAS, Lahore, Pakistan
Mar. 2011 – Aug. 2011
TAUGHT Islamiyat to Grade IV – VIII at LACAS, Burki Road Branch and was Class Teacher of Grade VIII. CONDUCTED various
innovative projects (e.g. Earth Day, etc.) House Mistress for one of the houses at LACAS. Very enthusiastically ATTENDED training
workshops arranged by the Teacher Development Department and was PROMOTED to the post of Teacher’s Facilitator Department.
Faculty Member, Lahore Alma, Lahore, Pakistan
Aug. 2000 – June 2001
TAUGHT English as a subject; very successfully to the students of Grade VIII at Lahore Alma in Defence Housing Authority
branch for one complete academic year (Aug. 2000 – 2001).
Coordinator, Girls Society, UET, Lahore, Pakistan
May 1992 – July 1996
COORDINATED the Girls Society at University of Engineering and Technology; I ASSISTED in scheduling and conduction of
numerous meetings, fundraisers, dinners, award ceremonies, debates and trips.
Bachelor of Education,
Bachelor of Science
(Mechanical Engineering)
Intermediate of Science,
Preston University, Lahore, Pakistan
University of Engineering & Technology,
Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan
Convent of Jesus & Mary, Lahore, Pakistan
Spelt Conference
Multiple Conferences
Lahore Alma
Lahore Alma
Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management, Differentiated Teaching Methods
Professional Development Workshops on Classrooms Mgmt. & Lesson Planning
IELTS Workshop
Reflections Workshop
Evaluation & Teaching
IELTS Special workshop for language Teachers.
Workshop on Reflection (Evaluation of lesson Plans)
Workshop on Teaching & Evaluation Strategies
Multiple Workshops
* Assessments & Grading Student’s Performance
* Coordinator – Teacher Counseling
* Coordinator – Student Counseling.
* Section Management – as a Section Head
Multiple Workshops
Trainer’s General Skills Improvement:
* Induction Course (Introductory course of lesson planning, teaching strategies
* TFC - Teachers Foundation Course (Lesson Planning, Classroom Management,
Extension Hours).
* Workshop - Planning remedial lessons during extension hours
* Workshop - Maintaining attendance registers
* Workshop – Book, Registers and Copies Grading
* Workshop - Beans (Software of BSS, entering marks and result making)
* Workshop - usage of computer hardware (printer, scanner, microscope).
* Workshop on usage of Power Point Presentation
* Workshop on integration of ICT in Lesson Plans
* Interactive Teaching Strategies (Learn to create beneficial learning
environments that stimulates student/trainee enjoyment and engagement,
working towards achieving group and individual learning objectives. Ensure
that learning is taking place in all your lessons for students/trainees of all
ability levels.
* Workshop on Prezi
* Workshop on activity based Lesson Plans.
* Workshop on Teacher’s role as a facilitator
Student / Trainee Skills Analysis:
* Workshop on Student/Trainee skills analysis
* SWOT Analysis of trainees – Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
SIP – School Improvement Plan – Based on the SWOT Analysis –
Understanding strengths and weaknesses as a school and identify an effective
action plan to drive improvement and outcomes. Learn how to self-assess and
how to transform this knowledge into an empowered plan based on team and
individual objectives.
* Workshop on conduction of Informed and Uninformed Assessments.
* Formative and Summative Assessments (Understanding the minefield that is
formative and summative assessment and move to classroom assessment that
impacts on raising standards. This workshop shows how to design a range of
assessments that will collect on-going evidence of how students/trainees are
approaching, processing and completing tasks).
Coordinator – Girls Society 1992 – 1996
Member – Pakistan Engineering Council 1996 – to date
Vice President – Rotary Club – 1998