American Isolationism

Alex Smith
American Isolationism
• The U.S. senate didn’t want America to join the
League of Nations
• The U.S. was trying to just get away with any
involvement with war between anyone so they
wanted to isolate from everyone.
Neutrality Act of 1935
• It was created to prevent the nation from being
drawn in to a war
• They used the act because when FDR was worrying
about his new deal it took his focus off of other
things like staying away form making a war
• the act outlawed making loans to warring countries
FDR’s Quarantine Speech
-When the speech was given he talked about passed
events and compared it to the diseases that were
-He said that they should do something to stop it from
spreading by quarantine aggressive nations
Cash and Carry policy
• Franklin D Roosevelt and Great Britain was involved in the
cash and carry policy
• GB couldn’t refuse the offer FDR made because they were to
weak to be able to even do anything about it
• Because FDR wanted to make a trade with Great Britain it
made it look like they were getting ready to prepare for war.
• Because of the action FDR took it made the president of
Germany think they had to do something to prevent what FDR
want to accomplish
Lend-Lease Act
• It was to help aid allies in the fight against Hitler.
• This act allowed the nation to be able to send
weapons to GB even though they may have been not
able to pay for it
Atlantic Charter
• The bond between Roosevelt and the Britain Leader
• Roosevelt and the Leader of Britain met secretly so
they could agree on working against Hitler
Pearl Harbor attacked
• Japan had devised a sneak attack on the naval base
at Pearl Harbor.
• The military planners already thought that someone
would eventually attack Pearl Harbor.