Money Adviser - Milton Keynes Citizens Advice Bureau

Milton Keynes Citizens Advice Bureau
Volunteer Job Description
Job Title
Working Hours
Money Advice Adviser
Based at Acorn House, Central Milton Keynes
Minimum of 8 hours per week
Minimum of 1 year
This job description is a guide to the work that you will initially be required to undertake. It may
be altered from time to time to meet changing circumstances.
The following job description is varied and gives a good insight into our Bureau’s processes and
We provide all our trainee advisers with a comprehensive training programme that will give you
the skills you need to deliver a high quality service to our clients. You will be supported by our
Training Supervisor, team of Supervisors and experienced volunteers who are all on hand to offer
you the necessary support, encouragement and advice that you may need.
Training will be given on all aspects of the work; experience of Word and Excel would be
advantageous. As the work of the Bureau relies on maintaining confidentiality for our clients, it will
be necessary for the candidate to sign our confidentiality agreement.
The skills and qualities we would be looking for to fulfil this role would be open minded; willing to
consider new ideas. The ability to select and use appropriate methods to find solutions to client’s
issues. Capable of working independently. Display excellent time management skills as you will
need to accomplish specific tasks in an allotted time frame. Attention to detail is important as
case notes are comprehensive. You will need to have the ability to influence others in a decision
making process. A degree of flexibility and adaptability if you are faced with a challenge.
Complete training modules via a self study learning programme. Attend training workshops
on our client management database and information tools together with relevant courses
Work within a team of approximately 100 staff and volunteers to provide help, support,
assistance and advice to clients with issues
Conduct face to face interview to establish the issue the client wants to resolve – question,
probe and check understanding of the issue. Diagnose the issue and begin action to resolve
the problem
To negotiate with Creditors, Landlords, the Local Authority, Finance companies, the Inland
Revenue and other Agencies as required
Research the advice required by using Advisernet, reference books, other web based
providers and specialists within the Bureau
Give information and advice to the client and ensure that the client has a clear understanding
of the information and actions they need to take or details to bring back to move their case
Act for the client where necessary by calculating, negotiating, drafting or writing letters and
telephoning and ensuring income maximisation
Ensure income maximisation through the take up of appropriate welfare benefits
Where possible empower the client to act for themselves and in some cases negotiate with
third parties to reach an amicable settlement in favour of the client
Assist client to complete benefit claims, appeals and other forms
Interact with client and at times work through an Interpreter to establish the issues and
provide advice
Refer and/or signpost the client to other organisations that can address the immediate issue
Produce concise summaries of clients issue and record the case notes on our client
management database in line with Bureau procedures
Work within the parameters of the CAB and uphold professionalism, confidentiality and be
non judgmental and impartial