Study Guide from Stypolkowski Test 1

Study Guide from Stypolkowski Test 1 - by Erin Butt
Hey Everyone! I went to the review today for the test, but I had to leave early….I figured I would share what we discussed
while I was there though to help for the test.
*”Public Perception of Nursing” listed under chapter 6 is really from chapter 1
*Chapter 6- for “know different health care systems” make sure you know the frame works under the different health care
Chapter 1- (4 questions not 3)
Know the different attitudes towards nursing over the years (slide 9)
Know what denotes a profession (slide 29)
Know what Florence Nightingale’s role was to nursing. (Fresh air, clean hands, clean clothes, pretty much changed the
overall environment)
Know collaborative care.
Chapter 6- health care system power point
Different Health Care Frame Works (slide 19)
Case Managers and what they do (slide 16) there is a lot of overlap between case managers and social workers
Chapter 7- Community Nursing Power Point
*It is PHC not PCH
PHC and PC (slide 17)
Functions of Community Nursing (slide 18) based on the whole neighborhood, not one specific group (age, race, sex, ect.)
all individuals in the community
Health promoting activities (balanced diet, no smoking, no heavy drinking, exercise)
Chapter 4- Legal Aspects
Know the different types on consent. Who can give it and what is done in an emergency. (Slides 15-17 and page 59 in the
essentials book)
Definitions of felony, assault, battery, negligence, libel, false imprisonment, and defamation of character (pgs 70 and 71)
Know good Samaritan act
Chapter 9- Documentation
Electronic systems
Do all hospitals use the same computer system? No
Know how to properly respond when a patient says “I found it on the internet” (pretty much not valid but the correct answer
is in the book somewhere)
Why do all hospitals have computers now? Must know specific reasons
Don’t need to know systems that standardize classifications of terms used in health care. As listed in the blueprint
Chapter 15- Documentation of chart
Does the patient have the right to obtain their chart? Yes…. How do they go about receiving it?
Types of different “Care Plans”
What does it mean to chart by exception? Only charting readings and results that are abnormal (slide 15)
Chapter 5 Values Ethics and Advocacy
What is atruism, integrity, social justice, autonomy, non-malfeasance, justice, fidelity (slides 17, 18, 19, and 20)
Major ethical principles (slide 19)
Chapter 18 Culture
Know def for cultural sensitivity, cultural prejudice, acculturation, assimilation, diversity, and heritage consistency
Professor Stypolkowski said there might be a scenario asking about a husband who lives with his with his wife, but they are
of different cultural backgrounds.
Chapter 26- Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
“What would you do to communicate with a patient who can not speak?”
Know what therapeutic communication is as well as elder speak/loud talk
That’s all I got……wish I had more, but hope this helps even just a little!
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