Law & Order Civil Rights Style

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Law & Order Civil Rights Style
You have just graduated law school, and have been given your first case to argue. This is your first big
case with the law firm Dowe, Cheatem & Howe. You want to make a good impression with the partners of
the firm, so you need to show off your skills. Please follow the following criteria:
Choose a person to work with.
Who will be the Plaintiff and who will be the Defendant??
Pick a case form the list below:
 Gitlow v. New York
 Engel v. Vitale
 Texas v. Johnson
 Mapp v. Ohio
 School District of Abington Township Penn. v. Schempp
 Miami Herald Publishing Company v. Tornillo
 Miranda v. Arizona
 Gideon v. Wainwright
 NAACP v. Alabama
 Roe v. Wade
 Gregg v. Georgia
 New Jersey v. TLO
 Miller v. California
 Near v. Minnesota
 Katz v. United States
 Bethel School District v. Frasier
You need to research the case and argue the case from the perspective of the defendant or the plaintiff.
You have 3 minutes to make a compelling argument. The entire 3 minutes need to be used to make
your case. You must clearly identify the civil liberty that is being potentially (or not) violated.
Your classmates will take very brief notes and decide the winner based on the arguments. We will see how
the arguments and decisions are compared to the actual cases. The notes will be due with your practice for
Ch. 4.
The arguments will be made during our block period, so be ready to go!!