Biology 2 Name: Assignment 1: Algal Blooms and Humans Peer

Biology 2
Assignment 1: Algal Blooms and Humans
Name: ________________
Peer-reviewed journals are considered the most reliable sources of scientific information.
Experiments are written in proper format by the researchers, submitted to the journal and then
critiqued by other researchers in the field before it is published (or rejected) for publication. In
this assignment, you will be looking at a peer-reviewed article on biomonitoring.
Use Ohiolink to obtain a copy of the following article:
Gastrointestinal emergency room admissions and Florida red tide blooms. Kirkpatrick,
B.; Bean, J.A.; Fleming, L.E.; Kirkpatrick, G.; Grief, L.; Nierenberg, K.; Reich, A.;
Watkins, S.; Naar, J. Harmful Algae vol. 9 issue 1 January, 2010. p. 82-86
Answer the following questions:
1. What is a red tide?
2. What species (common and scientific name) was investigated in this study?
3. To what kingdom and subgroups discussed in class does this species belong?
4. Why is this species a concern?
5. What was the overall purpose of this research?
5. Identify the following (Hint: Tables and graphs often summarize these.) Be specific.
Independent variable:
Dependent variable:
6. What were the conclusions?
7. What questions do you have after analyzing this article?