9.4-9.5 Review

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9.4-9.5 Review
1. What is the VSEPR model?
2. What are the bond angles in a molecule with a tetrahedral shape?
3. What is hybridization?
4. Compare the molecules PF3 and PF5. What is the molecular shape of each of
the two molecules? Why is the shape different?
5. Make a table that contains the Lewis structure, molecular shape and bond
angle for the following molecules: CS2, CH2O, H2Se, CCl2F2, and NCl3.
6. Define electronegativity.
7. How is electronegativity difference used in determining the type of bond that
occurs between two atoms?
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8. Describe a polar covalent bond.
9. What is a polar molecule?
10. List 3 properties of a covalent compound.
11. Rank the 3 types of intermolecular (Vander Waals) forces from weakest to
12. Predict the type of bond that will form between the following atoms.
a. H and S
b. C and H
c. Na and S
Change in EN
Bond Type
> 1.7
Polar (covalent)
13. Draw the Lewis structure for the SF4 and SF6 molecules and determine if
each molecule is polar or nonpolar.