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Chapter 3:
Organic Molecules
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Biology 211
Emeka Kemdirim
1. There are two types of isomers: Name them and give an example of each.
2. Polysaccharides:
o When many ________ are linked together to form long polymers, polysaccharides are
o There are three polysaccharides that you should be aware of:
o How do these three polysaccharides differ?
 Glycogen’s higher degree of _________ contributes to its ________ in animal
tissue. Because extensive branching creates a more _______ structure, which
many ________ side groups have access to water and so hydrogen bond can form.
 Starch is less _______ and thus less _______.
 Cellulose provides a ________ role cause no there is no _________. This
prevents cellulose from being __________ for ATP. Cellulose is important for the
_____ _____ in plants. If we eat cellulose it becomes indigestible plant matter or
fiber. We don’t have the right enzymes.
o Some polysaccharides (guess which two) are used to store ______.
o How can you get what’s stored out?
o Two other notable polysaccharides are:
 Chitin Glycosaminoglycan-
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3. Lipids
o Lipids are hydro-____, composed mostly of what two elements?
o A triglyceride is a type of lipid composed of what?
o Each _____ group from glycerol links to _____ group from a fatty acid by the
removal of water to make what type of bond?
o The fatty acid chains can differ with respect to each other. Most chains have a
_____ number of carbons.
o Two main types of fatty acids. One that has carbons single bonded to each other
which would be what type of fat? And another with 1 or more Carbon Carbon
double bonds, what is this fat?
o Why do unsaturated fats have a lower melting point than saturated?
o Triglycerides store a lot of _______.
o Phospholipids are another lipid, most important for what?
o Steroids are another type of lipid- with ____ fused rings, and are hydro-______.
4. Protein
o Made up of monomers of ______.
o Contain what elements?
o AA Structure ---
o Amino acids categorized whether side chain
is _______, _______ or _______.
o Linking AA: COOH group of one amino acid joins NH2 group of another amino
acid, forming a ______ bond.
o List all the factors affecting protein structure:
5. Nucleic Acid
o Nucleic Acid is a polymer of _______.
o Two classes of Nucleic Acid: List them
o DNA ______ genetic information coded in the sequence of their monomer building
blocks.RNA _______ this information into introduction for linking specific sequence
of amino acids.
o Nucleotide are made up of three parts:
o DNA nucleotides are held together by ________ linkers between adjacent sugar and
phosphate molecules.
o DNA nucleotide has 4 bases: List which are purines and which are pyrimidine’s. List
which bond with which. Tell me how they are bonded together, and tell me how
many bonds are between each set.