Honors Geometry

But wait, this is
too general.
Where are all the
rules so I can find
the loopholes??
A textbook, a pencil, a notebook.
- Study geometry, Practice geometry,
Understand geometry.
-Behave like disciplined young adults.
Sigh! Then you
should look on the
next page.
I. Materials
1. Textbook :: Rhoad,R. et al. (1991). Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge.
Evanston,IL:McDougal, Littell & Company
2. Notebook (Must have space for a contiguous section of geometry.)
3. Several sharpened pencils.
II. Grading
Homework will be assigned virtually every day. It will be completed in a separate section of your notebook.
(A good idea would be to complete the assignments starting from the back of the notebook. Homework will be
graded everyday for completeness and periodically for correctness. Complete homework is worth 3 points.
Incomplete homework is worth 1 point. No homework is worth 0. Finishing incomplete or missing homework the
next day will be worth 1 point returned.
Grading will be based on both the correctness of the answer and the effort of the student. In order to
receive partial credit for a wrong answer, work on the problem must accompany the answer. Work scribbled
elsewhere will not be considered for credit. Illegible answers will not be considered for credit.
Grades are assigned on a system of points. Percentage of points received will determine the letter grade
according to the following scale: A  93 – 100%
B 85 – 92%
C  77 – 84%
D 70 – 76%
III. Absences
All absences must have legitimate documentation if make-up work is to be accepted. Quizzes and Tests will
be re-administered outside of class. Homework will be due on the day of return.
If the student was absent only on the day of a test or quiz then that test or quiz will be taken on the day of
return. If physical disabilities accompanied the absence then due consideration will be given to extending the
deadline of homework. In an extended absence all deadlines will be arranged on a case by case basis.
IV. Classroom Decorum
1. All rules found in Fenwick’s Student Handbook obviously apply to this class.
2. All students will be in their seats at the bell and will remain there unless I allow otherwise.
3. Food, drink, candy and gum are forbidden in the classroom.
4. Talking without permission is forbidden in the classroom.
5. Cell phones must be in your backpack, not in your pocket.
6. All IPad applications must be closed before entering the class. Any open applications must be approved
by me.
V. Consequence Procedure
Infraction of the rules will prompt consequences. On a case by case basis, the options are the following:
a) Verbal request or Gentle reminder
b) Optional warning that your behavior is putting you in jeopardy
c) JUG
VI. Office Hours
I am available for help after school but you must make an arrangement with me. If you do not make an
appointment you will probably find me in the computer lab after school. I am very interested and willing to give
additional help, please see me right away if you don’t understand something.