Week 8

English 9-Week at a Glance
• Monday-Grammar Practice
• Tuesday-Short Story Review, “Most Dangerous Game”…This is also the
last day to turn in a signed, perfect EDP before the lunch detentions
are assigned
• Wednesday-Book Talks
• Thursday, Friday-All About Me Speeches. Must turn in blue packet
and your outline when giving your speech, also grammar quiz on
• Monday-Lesson with Most Dangerous Game
• Tuesday-Short Story Test (Will get a review sheet on Tuesday)
Complete Sentences
October 26, 2015
Run-On Sentence
Two or more independent clauses
combined as one—an error in
Comma Splice
Two or more independent clauses
combined as one and separated
only by a comma-an error in writing
An incomplete sentence—a
dependent clause-usually an error
in writing
Compoound Sentence
Two or more independent clauses
separated by a comma and a
conjunction-acceptable in writing
Example Sentence
Fixing these errors—Put these notes in your
• Add a comma and a FANBOYS word (a conjunction)
• Add a semi colon
• Add a period
• Change an independent clause to a dependent clause by adding a
word like although, because, despite or while
• Because we were required to read the novel, I actually enjoyed it.
Fixing comma splices and run-ons
• Try the worksheet on run-on sentences
• We will go over answers in about 10 minutes
Writer’s Notebook: Murder
October 27, 2015
• Is murder ever okay?
• If so, in what situations? Why? Support with examples.
• If it is never okay, why? Support with examples.
“Most Dangerous Game”
• Due Monday of next week:
Annotations to the entire story
A 150-word summary of the story
A 150-word reaction to the story
4 questions you would like to discuss about the story
Staple summary, reaction and questions to the front of the story
Thursday Warm Up
If correct write correct; if not correct, rewrite with
I always wanted a PS4, however, I didn’t get one until I was twelve.
George, our mailman, broke his leg in three places.
We should go on a picnic this Saturday, I know the perfect place.
I’ll light the fire, and you put the kettle on for tea.
Before he left for Florida, Darrian sold his comic book collection to
6. The weatherman predicted heavy thunderstorms for the July 4th
weekend; nevertheless, we decided to go up north.
7. When the rain stopped and the fog finally cleared, we got our first
glimpse of Mt. Katadin, it is the highest mountain in Maine.