causes of the Great Depression

• As we watch a power point slide show
please write down what you see, hear
and any emotions you feel
• Be prepared to discuss the themes of
what you see
Mass Production
High Society
• Warehouses were overstocked
• Farms are failing
•Extend loans
•Coolidge would not bail out farms
• Uneven wealth
• Rising debt
• Stock speculation
• Over production
• Over-Speculation, Over-Lending (banking
malpractice), Under-Consumption led to an inflated
• Everyone had money in the stock market
• Many borrowed and invested beyond their means
• Buying on the margin – from broker
• Have $1000, borrow $9000, buy $10,000
• Stocks Crashed, Banks Failed, People panicked and
tried to get their money out of banks.
• Stock holders
• Risky bank loans
• Consumer borrowing
• Bank failures
• Savings wiped
• Cuts in production
• Unemployment
All Americans
• 6. Bear Market:
• market with falling stock prices:
• a situation in a stock or commodity market in which
stockholders are selling in anticipation of falling
• The opposite of a “Bear Market” is a “Bull
Over consumption
Over Production
Severe Drought
Dust storms
Prairie grass to protect topsoil
• Once plowed, winds carried nutrient rich top soil
• Causing soil erosion
• Black blizzards
• 60% of farms destroyed
• You will create your own InfoGraphic that represents the causes of
the Great Depression
• You must include all 7 causes
• This must be in color and use more visuals than words.
• See examples.
• 2 Business owners
• 1 Bank
• 5 Bank Account holders (1 book ea)
Persons X, Y need 2 books each
Persons A, B, C, D, & E each have one book
They deposit their book in the bank
Persons X &Y Borrow 2 books each
Person X doubles their money, Person Y earns 3 books
• Each borrower pays back all, but one book
• How do banks work?
• What could happen in this scenario that would cause
• What problem could the account holders create?
• What problem could the borrowers create?
• What problems could the banks create?