Unit 2

Unit 2: Cell Physiology
Prefix/Root/Suffix Activity
Throughout the course of this class, we will cover many new vocabulary terms. Understanding prefixes,
roots, and suffixes will help tremendously in decoding words and interpreting meaning. In this activity, you
will look at some of the prefixes/roots/suffixes covered in this unit in more detail—you will be responsible
for knowing the meaning of all the terms, but you will choose just 6 to examine in more detail.
1. Choose 6 prefixes/roots/suffixes from the list provided on our website under the “Roots” tab.
2. To BEGIN, go to our class calendar and click on the root words template.
3. Create a web with the terms chosen (modify the template).
 The center of your web will say “Unit Title—Roots” along with a related “root” image
 Branching out from the center you will have 6 lines that each extend to your 6
prefixes/roots/suffixes, along with an image that matches the term.
 Branching out from each of your six terms will be three more boxes:
o One box will include the definition/meaning of the prefix/root/suffix
o The second box will include a list of at least 4 terms in which this
prefix/root/suffix is found – on this list, CAPITALIZE and bold the term you
chose to use in context
o The third box will include one of the terms in which the prefix/root/suffix is
found and will be used in context - underline this term in the sentence
4. When finished save the document to your student I-drive.
5. Print your concept map to the C117 printer.
6. Add color to the common levels of the web with your colored pencils so that each level is color
coordinated (ie. Blue = definition, yellow = terms, pink = context).
Unit 2:
Prefix/Root/Suffix List
pro- = before
eu- = true
-karyote = cell nucleus
bi- = two, twice, double
intra- = within, inside
inter- = among, between
hyper- = above
hypo- = below, under,
less than
ex- = outside/outward,
out of
endo- = in, into, inward
-sis = action, process
Definitions of prefixes/roots/suffixes from:
Elias, Joseph. Science Terms Made Easy: A Lexicon of Scientific Words and Their Root Language Origins. Westport: Greenwood Press, 2007. Print.