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Introduce Yourself as an
Archetype : (25-50 words.)
That girl with the two
different colored hair is
what they refer to me as.
I can also be called a
sibling and hopefully
eventually a lover or
spouse. I am never really
the ex, or the school
chum, but more of a
respected peer.
Introduce Yourself as a
Reflective Revisionist (What
has revising your writing
taught you?) (25-50 words)
The name my mother gave me
was Skylar, I have many
hobbies, activities and
particular interests I enjoy
participating in. Some key
things that revising has taught
me is detail, detail, detail! It
has also taught me too show
people what I'm feeling rather
than tell them in plain words.
Housie Gazette
Not for Publication
Gilgamesh Laments Friend’s Death
D Guilt Cultures
cultures mainly include Your fixes
i Guilt
morals rather than laws. For Sentence #.......New Sentence
if you take an apple of
d example
a tree of a poor families home,
1. The wild man appeared
you feel guilty because they
knew what you did and you
knew you shouldn’t have.
Shame Cultures
Shame cultures
mainly include laws.
For example when
you know you
shouldn’t do
something and then
get caught for it it
makes you feel very
His life was adventurous,
saying the he was raised
by wolves. – change rest
of sentence to past
The king, who acted as a
party boy, ~ rest of
Thus, Gilgamesh turned in
a dynamic character
Gilgamesh moved on after
obtaining some important
information about the
flower, learning about the
changes in the human race
1. The wild man is dead. 2. After an adventurous life of being raised by
wolves, finding true love, wrestling with a king to defend the honor of a
new bride, the wild man succumbed to a fateful dream and breathed
his last. 3. The King, party boy that he was, seemed changed in that
he no longer sought out hedonistic pleasures, but began a quest that
we will all one day take, the quest for purpose and meaning, for
longevity and legacy. 4. Thus, Gilgamesh became what we might call a
dynamic character. 5. Let’s give the king props for having a Greek
moment of recognition and becoming a better man. 6.The lamentation
started by Gilgamesh, a demi-God in his own right, walked through a
mountain. 7. Then, due to a Godly denial of his request for eternal life,
Gilgamesh traveled to the flood survivor to have a one on one chat. 8.
Learning of what became of the human race, Gilgamesh moved on
after obtaining some important information about a flower. 9. Being
strong and determined, Gilgamesh managed to locate the flower of
eternal youth, but lost it to a sea serpent. 10. Finally, the King gave up,
returned home, lived out his life, and died.
OPTION ALPHA “King Oedipus Bids Farewell” OR
OPTION OMEGA “Internal Affairs Takes on New Meaning”
Strophe / Antistrophe
Blind Prophet Right
Strophe (15 points)
I believe that Oedipus Rex should be punished for his actions.
For the actions he participated with his mother and how he
killed his father means justice as to be served! The law says
nothing about mercy on people even when they did or did not
know, the fact is, is that he did it, and as justice says he will
be punished and sent to exile. To leave his inbreed kids and
his sins behind and be banished from the land at which he
sinned at, and he is to never return for these actions.
Anti-Strophe (15 points)
I believe that Oedipus Rex should not be punished for these
actions. He was ignorant of what he was doing and the
whole point of him coming to our kingdom was too get
away from doing what the orb spoke of him doing. He
didn’t know, and if he did. He never would of. So why
punish such a great and wonderful king like him because of
something he could not dismiss and in fact was trying his
hardest to get away from. Justice is not defined by death,
justice is defined by equal suffering to them as they caused
to other. He should be imprisoned however, not exiled and
basically put to death.
All Staffers Required to Get a Good Pronoun Lesson
Editor’s Note 6: Listen, There’s some serious pronoun abuse going on
here. I’ve a presentation when the sun is at midday. Can you just check
my presentation notes quickly by marking up these labels. (5 points) and
giving samples on the bottom half (5 points)
Old Timers Gather Round the Forum to Learn
About Replacement Words Called Pronouns
Go to Delphi and the oracle.
We know that Oedipus is guilty of murder.
It is a day filled with Apollo’s bright sunlight.
I guess I’ll have to get to the bottom of this murder mystery myself.
Jocasta defied the stars. She really should not have tried to escape her fate.
Second Person Assumed # _____1_______
Antecedent # ____3______
Dummy Pronoun # ____4_______
Reflexive # ____5_____
Editorial We # ___2_______
6. Second Person Possessive Plural- We didn’t want to go to school/
8. Third Person Male – His name is Jeremy.
9. Antecedent Agreement – It seemed as if the sky was colored black with a
permanent marker.
10. First Person Possessive Singular – I didn’t want to go to school
Legendary times
- Since An Epoch Ago
Feature Essay Fully Published in This Edition!!!!
Skylar Writes Exemplar Essay!
In an incredible celebration on the streets of Hampton Roads, star reporter Skylar gathers his/her fan base
to share the winning of the Pulitzer Prize for this year’s Best in Essay Writing Category. The topic was
daring, and the writing followed all the proper formatting of good essay writing.
Said one stunned fan, who managed to squeeze through the huge midnight crowd to catch a glimpse of the
newest member of the Pulitzer winners. “I was so excited to be able to be in the same area as him/her. I
mean who else could so eloquently support body paragraphs with literary referencing, offering opinion
which is never unverified, but also backed up by the contents of the literature (10 points)”
Another fan – who cathartically choked up on tears during the interview – was impressed with the
outstanding hook that not only attracted the reader to delve into the writing, but also managed to maintain
a delicate balance of transitions (10 points).
And the winner is….
(Fill in your name here)
A third bystander, one who camped out on the grounds immediately upon hearing that the famed writer
may make a public appearance, respectfully disagreed with the two other fans. “I can appreciate these
items, but the genius is in the conclusion, which is not only broad and didactic, but analyzes as well as
summarizes. It shows – in one paragraph, mind you – the significance of all the paragraphs that come
before it (10 points). Who could not just want to live life just a little bit stronger after reading such
beautiful words?”
Answers Question in Beautiful Essay Form and… Uses 5 Vocabulary words correctly (10 points)!
Tallwood Scholar Wins Pulitzer for Unequaled Style and Analytical Panache in World’s Coveted Prize
Legendary times
- The World’s Most Epic News Source Since An Epoch Ago
Original Essay! Full Text!
Oedipus Rex, a boy who started out in normal conditions in a house with people whom he though to be his parents, however, they
were not. His real parents ordered a poor Shepard too kill the child once they found out what they orb had told them. Oh, and did I mention his parents
were the king of the Thebes! However, the Shepard who was instructed to kill the child just couldn’t do it, so he sent the child away to live in a more
well off family. The mothers had found out, from the orb, that he was going to kill his father and sleep with his mother. They could not stand for this!
The irony in it is when Oedipus grew up he went to the orb and found out the same thing so he fled from his home in order for that to never happen.
When he leaves he gets into a fight with some men of royalty who turns out to be his father, then goes into the city, is elected king and marries his
mother Jocasta. They also have 2 daughters named Antigone and Ismere. When he finds out about the whole situation he exiles himself to be
honorable. This is very sad, because he loved the thebes and, like he said, they were his children. Even though some thought this was too bravado of
him, it was words of kindness. However, after they found out about this the thebes seemed rebuke.
Gilgamesh was a boy who just craved immortal life. He went through many troubles just to get it. He arouse from his slumber every
day just wanting it more and more. So he finally decides to walk through (not over but through) the mountains, to the gods and asked them for internal
life. They of course said no, so he searched once again for this man named Noah, this man spoke of a lotus flower in the bottom of the sea. Gilgamesh
being as determined as he is swam out all the swam and basically dredged for that lotus flower, when he found it he swam to the top and as he went to
eat the flower a serpent grabbed out of his hand and ate it. He could of acted truculent or belligerance, however, he just went home and lived his life
out. He realized that it wasn’t ment to be so he lived out the rest of his life.
Dear Reader
In the Midsummers’ Edition, this newspaper falsely
reported the following:
Occasionally we make mistakes. Our newspaper is
committed to correcting any false reporting. In that light,
please note the following list of errors in prior publications.
Our apologies for any misleading information.
1. The chorus represents an excellent example of dynamic characters.
Please note the following corrected versions
below which correspond to the errors listed
on the right (20 points)
4. Ms. Joe’s stick called “the Tickler” is an excellent example of Situational
6. Ms Havisham is decaying, as shown in her Word Association.
7. The Parados, so beautifully executed by the Chorus, followed a moving
Strophe / Antistrophe presentation
8. Oedipus Rex has a message of Fate.
9. The article’s excellent hook on the theatre performance started: “There was
a play yesterday”
10. The actor exeunted when his line was complete
2. The audience in the skene had many cathartic moments in Sophocle’s play
3. Archetypes seen in literature are always stereotypical characters we can
relate to.
5. Jack was not a character of wise action because of his letting the fire go out.
er·ra·ta /ɪˈrɑtə, ɪˈreɪ-, ɪˈrætə/ noun 1. plural of erratum. 2. a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or
other publication; corrigenda. Origin: 1625–35 / Usage note: Errata is originally the plural of the singular Latin noun erratum. Like many such borrowed nouns
(agenda; candelabra ), it came by the mid-17th century to be used as a singular noun, meaning “a list of errors or corrections to be made (in a book).” Despite
objections by some to this singular use, it is common in standard English:
Archetypical Self ___/ 5; Revisionistic Self ____/5 ; DidUKnow ____/10; Be Verb ID ____ / 10; Your Fixes ____/10; Strophe ____/15; Antistrophe ____/15; PN
Labeling ____/5; PN Sampling ____/5; Literary Referencing ____ / 10; Hook ____ / 10; Broad Conclusion ____/10; Use of Vocabulary ____/10; Errata ____ /20 TOTAL ____ / 150
At the Arena:
Titicus Andreicus defeated (with
Trident and Studded Net) Iago the
As this was a death match, there will
Be no rematch. If you purchased
Round two tickets, our apologies,
We cannot give out refunds.
Marius Antoinetticus lost a bout
To Guy Iteen in a swift decisive
One round tournament. Fans called
For a umpire review of the call of the
Match, however as this was a death
Match, there will be no umpire review.
Juliunius Seezaripmeapartubruticus
Will compete during the Ides of May.
He is considered an underdog despite
His defeat of the Gauls earlier this
Wrestling Book I
Gilgamesh v. Wildman
W-1 L-0
W-0 L-1
Book II
Gilgamesh bye week
W-1 L-0
Wildman v. Birdman
W-0 L-2
Strange bird man in dream
W-1 L-0
Gilgamesh v. Sea Serpent
W-1 L-1
Gilgamesh v. Gilgamesh
W-1 L-1 T-1
Gilgamesh v. Strange Birdman
W-1 L-2 T-1
Gilgamesh v. Gilgamesh
W-2 L-2 T1
WWCC Sports Round UP
Sweden progressed to the gold medal game after winning
the 1v2 Page Play-off.
After blanking the first end, Sweden opened the scoring with a hit to score two points in the second
end. The teams then swapped singles all the way to the seventh end. In the eighth end, with Sweden
leading by 4-3, Muirhead drew nicely onto the button with her second stone and, in trying to winkle it
out, Sweden's fourth player Maria Prytz wrecked on a front guard, giving Scotland a steal of two and
the lead for the first time in the game, at 5-4.
Sweden blanked the ninth end to retain last stone advantage in the tenth. The Scots seemed to have
that end under control until Muirhead had a pick-up with her first stone, which gave Sweden a chance.
Even at that, Muirhead played a near-perfect freeze with her last, but Prytz was able to tap it out, as
Sweden scored three for their win.
After the game Swedish skip and lead player Margaretha Sigfridsson, said, "that was a fantastic game
and it feels so good to win. It was only the eighth end that was not so good from our side. It was so
close, we touched so many guards in that end and Eve got to steal two. But we thought we still had a
good chance to win the game and we thought it was so our game."
Session 20: Scotland 5, Sweden 7.
Session 19: USA 7, Switzerland 4.
Session 18: Russia 6, Switzerland 7.
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