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 Motivation
of the project
 Body of our research report
 Reflection
Because the mudslide disaster
caused the loss of our life and
property, and even affect the
national economic and social
development. We want to find out
not only the reason that causing
landslide disasters but also the
solution in order to prevent the
mudslide happen.
1. What is Debris Flow?
2. The Reasons Causing Debris
3. The Reasons For Taiwan
Debris Flow.
4. Debris Flow Disasters
5. How to Prevent it?
The Debris flow is a phenomenon that flood
carried mud and stone from higher place to
lower place abruptly in mountain area.
Usually, it happens after heavy rain. The
rain penetrates the mud and reaches to
impermeable layer. It likes lubricant that
decrease the friction between the rock, and
makes it more softly and traveling. Besides,
it will increase the weight of layer and the
possible of collapse.
The reasons for debris flow can be divided
into rain, ice or alpine snow rapid melting,
landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes,
avalanches, failure of nature dams or failure
of artificial dams, improper hillside
development ... ....
First, the intense orogeny caused mountain steeping and
fast flowing rivers. Second, the geology of Taiwan is too
young that collapsing easily. And then, Taiwan is located
in the Humid Lands and the path of the typhoons often
through so rainfall and its intensity are amazing.
Also the frequent earthquakes, inappropriate lands
development and utilization make debris flow occur
It usually hollowed out the foundation
and makes the building destroyed. Not
only threaten the resident’s life and
property but also affect the national
economic and social development.
Therefore, we must make sure that we are
prepared for it then the damage could be
To prevent the landslides is not easy, but there are some
ways to reduce the hazards of landslides, such as avoid
the mudslide danger zone, forest protection, do soil and
water conservation, reduce the development of the
mountains. Struggling against the Nature has to pay the
price. So, how to develop the lands appropriately while
achieving a balance between human and nature depends
on all people to reflect and plan.
In this activity, our team chemistry is
getting better. Through division of
labor, we can finish the report
efficiently. Naturally, we learn many
words and grammar, we write
sentences more smooth. We not only
learn the knowledge but also happy to
complete the report.
I think people in the future to
take care of the earth, to reduce
energy use, the Earth would not
have disaster against humanity
In the process, I know the water and soil
conservation is important for people. If we
were not made good of it, we would be punished
of nature. This English project is not only
recognizing new vocabularies but also know
how to read articles efficiently.
Although my English is not well, I had done my
best to complete this project. I believe I can
maintain this idea in my future.
This time, I have more experience to
do this work. It’s not that hard. But
the process still have some difficult.
For example, some new words I did
not know will cause my time to look
up the dictionary. However the result
can let me learn more than I thought.
It was a very meaningful things to me.
In this final report, we have to not
only write down an article but also
translate it into English. These are
the problems that let me get into
trouble. Finally, we finish this report
with the assistance of group members.
And my English ability has a
significant progress in this final