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Vocabulary Week 11
Mixed economy- mixture of government and private ownership: an economy in which
some industries and businesses are government-owned and some are privately owned
Globalization- refers to processes of international integration arising from the interchange
of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture
Muscular strength- the ability of your body's muscle to generate force in a short period of
Three dimensional- having, or seeming to have, the dimension of depth as well as width
and height
Asthenosphere- weak part of earth's mantle: a weak zone in the upper part of the Earth's
mantle where rock can be deformed in response to stress, resulting in movement of the
overlying crust
Moraine- accumulated glacial debris: a mass of earth and rock debris carried by an
advancing glacier and left at its front and side edges as it retreats
Netiquette- refers to etiquette on the Internet
Slope-rise over run, or change in y over the change of x
Arithmetic sequences-an ordered list of numbers that contains a common difference from
one term to the next
Inference- conclusion: a conclusion drawn from evidence or reasoning