Mr. Watson
American Government
Quiz – Week of 9/28/15 – 10/2/15
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Choose the correct definition for the underlined words below.
1. Printing money is a reserved power of the federal government.
a. a hotel room b. shy government official c. Set aside for a certain purpose or group d. Powerful
2. The state of Missouri has the power to tax its own citizens but not those of Illinois
a. a kind of energy b. a country c. saying something clearly d. a political unit that can govern itself
3. Missouri and national government have some concurrent powers.
a. separate but equal b. occurring at same time c. different d. confusing
4. The federal government has more power than state governments.
a. another name for Congress b. a term for our national government c. a system of government
consisting of layers d. Both b and c
5. The U.S. Constitution delegates certain rights to the states.
a. members of Congress b. a kind of political party c. Assign certain powers to others.
State if each of the following are allowed by the Constitution (Yes) or not (No).
The Governor of Missouri is angry because
Mizzou lost the football game. He wants to
declare war on Illinois.
The state legislature wants to build a new
stadium to attract the Rams. They want to have
a tax on football tickets to pay for it.
St. Louis wants to build a new bridge. It wants to
bill Congress for the construction.
The Congress has outlawed horseradish.
Missouri does not like this law and legalized
horse radish.
St. Louis wants to build a new dog pound.
A counterfeit ring is passing fake money at QT.
The St. Louis Police investigate so they can
arrest the criminals.
The city of Littleton wants to pass a law that
makes it illegal to spit on the sidewalk.
Congress wants to raise more money by makng
each driver pay $10 per year for his license.
The citizens in St. Louis County create a new city
with the approval of the Missouri legislature.