Martial Arts - ClearsHonorsLA

By: Morgan Finn
•Shorinji Kempo; that is based in Japan
•Judo; also from Japan
•Chun Kuk Do; A Korean based, American hybrid style
•Sumo Wrestling; based in Japan
•Bok Fu; also based in the USA
•Kapu Kuʻialua; Kuialua or Lua; based in Hawii
•Bokator; is a Cambodian martial art
•Taekwondo; is a Korean martial art
• Bajan stick licking; Barbados
Shorinji Kempo was established by Doshin So
as a system for self improvement and
training, in Japan in 1947 based on Shaolin
kung fu.
The training methods are based on the
philosophy “spirit and body are not
In this way Kempo has been known to have
three benefits of “self defense and training”
“mental training” and “promoting health.”
Judo meaning gentle way is
modern martial art and
combat sport created in
Japan in 1882.
The worldwide spread of
Judo has led to the
development of a number
of offshoots such as Sambo
and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Founded in 1990 by
Chuck Norris, CKD
evolved from Tang Soo
Do and combines
elements from several
different fighting style
There are ten degrees
of black belts, only
Chuck Norris has that.
Sumo is a
competitive full
contact sport where
one wrestler
attempts to force
another out of a
ring, or to touch the
ground with
anything other than
his feet.
Bok Fu is an external
martial arts system
incorporating primarily
Kenpo and Kung Fu
fighting styles.
Bok Fu translates to
“White Tiger”.
The white tiger is a rare
and aggressive animal
that exemplifies the
system's fighting
Lua is an ancient Hawaiian martial art of
bone breaking, emphasizing joint locks,
throws, pressure point manipulation and
many others.
The actual name of fighting art was referred
to as "Kuʻialua", literally meaning two hits.
Only those associated with nobility such as
professional warriors, guardsmen, and the
royal families themselves, were taught
Bokator is a Cambodian martial art that
includes close hand-to-hand combat,
ground techniques and weapons.
The term bokator translates as “pounding a
lion” from the words bok to pound and tor
as lion.
When fighting, bokator exponents still wear
the uniforms of ancient Khmer armies.
The art contains 341 sets which, like many
other Asian martial arts, are based on the
study of life in nature.
Taekwondo is a Korean
martial art and the
national sport of South
Taekwondo may be
loosely translated as
“the art of the foot and
fist” or “ the art of
kicking and punching.”
Bajan Stick-Licking or Stick Science is an
African system of weapons fighting that
features the use of fire hardened sticks of
varying lengths.
For much of Barbados' history, this African
Fight has been an integral part of the
It has been a test of manhood, a fun but
dangerous sport, a means of self defense
and a method of settling disputes.