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Brown Bag Assignment
Since English Class involves a lot of sharing of ideas and opinions, it is important that you become comfortable
with your classmates. Getting to know them better can help you to feel more comfortable with them SO your
first speaking/writing assignment is what I call the “brown bag” assignment. You are to take this brown bag and
put 5 items in it that help to identify you as a person. (One rule: these must be objects suitable for school
Choose one object to represent each of the following categories that tells us something about you.
1. Relationship-Select an object that identifies an important relationship you have.
2. Personality trait-Select an object that depicts a personality or character trait you believe you possess.
3. Interest- Select an object that represents one of your most important interests or pastimes.
4. Goal- Select an object that represents a goal you have for yourself.
5. Belief-Select an object that represents an important belief, value, philosophical idea, or political
position that you hold.
You will give an oral presentation using your chosen items to introduce yourself to the class. This is to be given
extemporaneously, not read. You will be introducing yourself to us and telling us about yourself by talking
about your choices. You will be evaluated by the following guidelines.
This presentation will be worth 50 points.
Brown Bag Presentation
NO GUM: Gum will automatically drop score 1 letter grade
Attention to
Engaged audience and held
their attention throughout
with enthusiasm, energy,
and clearly focused details.
Engaged audience and held
their attention most of the
time by remaining on topic
and presenting facts with
Focused on topic and
presentation, but showing
little energy or enthusiasm
to engage audience.
Did not seem interested in
sharing the topic or
engaging the class.
Clarity:/gave clear,
logical reasons for
item choice.
Explanation of item choice is
clear through use of specific
and appropriate examples;
transitions are clear and
create an understandable
and even flow
Sequence of information is
well-organized for the most
part, but more explanation
needed to show clear
connections between object
and ideas.
Content is loosely
connected, transitions aren’t
No apparent logical order of
presentation, unclear focus
Speaking skills
Exceptional confidence with
material displayed through
poise, clear articulation, eye
contact, and enthusiasm
Clear articulation of ideas,
but apparently lacks
confidence with material,
some eye contact
Little eye contact; speaking
too fast or too slow, little
expression, words
sometimes unclear.
Poor eye contact,
monotone; unable to be
Physical presence
Good posture, effective use
of hands, no gum, good eye
Good posture, gestures not
distracting, no gum,
generally good eye contact
Generally good posture,
some leaning or standing on
one leg, gestures not
distracting, no gum, some
eye contact
Posture: some leaning or
standing on one leg,
gestures distracting, no
gum, some eye contact
Use of visual aid or
Aids used effectively to
increase understanding and
interest in subject, makes
sure audience can see.
Aids used less than
effectively, but not
distracting from
Aids distracted from
Aids not used.
Use the chart on the back to plan your speech. You will not use it when you speak. You will give this paper to
Ms. Hill when you present, so she can use the rubric to comment on your presentation.
I chose
this item
to represent
____________Personality trait
Giving an oral presentation
The purpose of a presentation is to communicate, so you need to present yourself and your ideas in a way that
engages the listener.
Engage audience
A. Smile, but be natural and sincere.
B. Have energy, and when appropriate to topic, enthusiasm.
C. Establish eye contact with audience. Look at everyone, not just one or two people.
Speaking skills
A. Appear confident.
B. Say each word clearly. (articulation)
C. Speak loudly enough to be heard.(volume)
D. Vary the rate (speed) and pitch of your sentences. Avoid speaking in a monotone.
E. Avoid verbal pauses such as “uhm” or “yeah.”
F. As you speak, be aware of your audience/s responses, so you can respond accordingly.
Physical presence
A. Stand tall; use good posture. Don’t stand on one leg or lean on furniture or wall.
B. Dress appropriately. Don’t “play” with clothing, jewelry, etc.
C. Use gestures when appropriate.
D. If using props or visual aids, show them clearly to audience. Don’t play with them or let them
become a distraction.
A. Don’t read your presentation, and don’t memorize it.
B. Make a list of main ideas and learn them, then practice enough that you can remember them.
C. THEN, just tell your audience about your topic(s). It will be natural and conversational. This is
much more engaging than reading to them.
D. Practice in front of a mirror or in front of a parent or friend, so you can get feedback.
NO GUM: Gum will automatically drop score 1 letter grade