New York Times

Mitch Hedberg
Born and raised in the St. Paul area, Mitch
Hedberg decided to start his own comedy career
in South Florida. Mitch developed his style in
Florida and decided to try it out on different
audiences. He moved to Seattle and toured
throughout the Pacific Northwest honing his act in
front of the new audiences. In 1996, Mitch got his
break with an invitation to perform at the
prestigious Just for Laughs Montreal International
Comedy Festival.
Dane Cook
• Dane Cook has built and enormous and
unprecedented career following his 14 year
career in stand up, television, and film.
Where Dane goes the masses follow. His
ardent fan base has propelled Dane’s newest
album to over 130,000 units sold. Recently
Dane has earned “Hot Comic” in Rolling
Stone’s annual “Hot Issue.”
Rodney Carrington
• How Carrington got from his childhood beginnings in
Longview, Texas as a shy kid who didn't think much of school
to arenas full of people that pay money to hear him sing and
tell jokes is a tale that could fill volumes. While he was in
junior college, he became involved in the theater program,
and he realized that he not only liked acting, people actually
thought he was good at it. From there it was a random whim
that made him jump on stage at an open-air night at a
comedy club, and the rest, as they all-too-often say, is history.
Carrington was catapulted from obscurity by the massive
exposure he gained from his appearances and airplay on
syndicated morning radio shows like “ Bob and Tom ” and “
John Boy and Billy .” He has steadily won new fans, and kept
old ones coming back for more with his hilarious (and often
"bawdy") songs like "Don't Look Now ,” "Little Things," and
"Fred." He has a new CD entitled “ Greatest Hits ,” and he
promises old and new fans alike that they will be treated to
the best of his best and they'll get a lot of bang for their buck
with a total of 42 cuts.
Steve Martin
• Steve Martin is a celebrated writer, actor, and performer. His
film credits include Father of the Bride, Parenthood, and The
Spanish Prisoner, as well as Roxanne, L.A. Story, and
Bowfinger, for which he also wrote the screenplays. He's won
Emmys for his television writing and two Grammy’s for
comedy albums. In addition to a play, Picasso at the Lapin
Agile, he has written a bestselling collection of comic pieces,
Pure Drivel, and a bestselling novella, Shopgirl. His work
appears frequently in the New Yorker and the New York
Times. He lives in New York City and Los Angeles.
Richard Pryor
• From Peoria, Illinois poverty to Hollywood affluence.
From abandonment by his mother to adoration from
millions of fans. From a childhood in a brothel to
eight marriages (twice to the same woman) and seven
children. From tragedy to triumph and back again,
Richard Pryor has earned the status of Legend as a
masterful storyteller, a multi-talented entertainer, a
comic of acerbic wit, and a survivor with no self-pity.
Patton Oswalt
• Patton Oswalt has been headlining at comedy clubs all
over the United States since 1996, as well as appearing in
his own standup specials on Comedy Central and HBO. He
was chosen as Entertainment Weekly's "It" comedian in
2002. He is a regular on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."
His other television credits include appearances in
"Seinfeld" and "NewsRadio.” As a writer, Oswalt spent
two seasons on "Mad TV" and has also written for the
MTV Music Video Awards. He is currently writing
screenplays and has appeared in the feature films "Starsky
& Hutch," "Man on the Moon" and "Magnolia."