The Cold War At Home

The Cold War At Home
Fear, Confusion, and Nationalism
I. Imperial Government and the Warfare State
A. The National Security Act [Dec.1947]
1. Imperial advisory board to Pres.
2. Created Dept. of Defense and Joint
3. Created Central Intelligence
Agency (CIA)
B. NSC Memorandum 68
1. America should be active in world
2. Rec. development of Hydrogen
3. Increases in conventional forces
4. Massive increases in taxes
II. The Communist Crusade
Federal Employee Loyalty
B. Program
1. establish absolute loyalty
B. Truman and the Loyalty Program
C. House on Un-American
Activities Committee [HUAC]
1. Subversion
2. Hollywood
3. Alger Hiss
a. Richard Nixon
Hiss under arrest
III. The Election of 1948
A. Coalition BuildingTruman
B. Third Party
“Dixiecrat” Ticket
C. RepublicansDewey
D. Conclusion
E. Political Issues
IV. Joseph McCarthy and the Republican
A. Joseph McCarthy
1. Lists
2. voting
3. Rebuked
B. McCorran Internal Security Act [Sept/1950]
1. deportation of aliens
2. barred members of the communist party from
holding federal appointive offices