WarmUp - tessagromoll

Graph y = 2sin(x)
2. Graph y = cos(x) + 2
Math IV Lesson 28
• Essential Question: How are y = A sin(BѲ)+D and y = A
cos(BѲ) + D graphed?
• Standards: MM4A3. Students will investigate and use the
graphs of the six trigonometric functions.
a. Understand and apply the six basic trigonometric functions as
functions of real numbers.
b. Determine the characteristics of the graphs of the six basic
trigonometric functions.
c. Graph transformations of trigonometric functions including
changing period, amplitude, phase shift, and vertical shift.
d. Apply graphs of trigonometric functions in realistic contexts
involving periodic phenomena.
|A| = amplitude
Formula for period of sine and cosine is 2∏/B
D will move your graph up or down- do this
Reminder from yesterday!!
New Practice Problems
• Graph y = -2 sin(2x)
 Graph y = cos(4x) + 1