12.5 Follow up questions

Gilmanton School
8Th Grade Social Studies
World War II Unit
Chapter 12 Section 5 Follow-Up Questions
Work with your partners and classmates to address each of
the questions in this packet fully and thoroughly. Leave the
final question for the end and address it on your own.
1. How did physical geography affect US military strategy on
the Pacific front in the war?
Two challenges:
First, attacking islands is very difficult and required many men
using new technology such as vehicles that were amphibious as
well as went on land.
Second, logistically, it was extremely challenging to conduct the
island hopping strategy which required moving troops,
equipment, and supplies across the Pacific Ocean.
2. Why do you think Japan struck American airfields in the
Philippines and on the islands of Guam and Wake on the same
day as the attack on Pearl Harbor?
The goal of the Japanese was to disable American naval and air
power in the Pacific limiting the United State’s ability to
participate in the war.
3. After the attacks on Pearl Harbor, what was the first battle
fought that is shown on the map on page 388? Guam provided
bases for launching bombing attacks on what nearby islands?
The first battle after Pearl Harbor is the Battle of the Coral Sea
(May 4-8, 1942).
Guam provided bases for attacks on the Philippines, Iwo Jima,
and Okinawa.
4. Why has the image on page 389 become a symbol of
courage and patriotism?
Courage- Defeated Japan in the intensely fierce fighting of Iwo
Jima, showed teamwork in the face of a difficult situation
Patriotism- The soldiers are raising the American flag to show
victory in the battle and that they have captured the island
5. What is significant about the Battle of Midway?
The US navy destroyed 4 Japanese aircraft carriers along with
many other ships and planes – after this defeat, Japan could no
longer attempt to expand their sphere of influence across the
Pacific Ocean and instead could basically only defend islands
and territory already captured.
6. Based on the map on page 388, what strategic importance
does the map show for Iwo Jima and Okinawa?
Iwo Jima and Okinawa were proximate enough to Japan to
allow bombing raids directly on Japanese cities including Tokyo,
and eventually Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
7. Why did the US use the atomic bomb against Japan?
8. What evidence is presented that shows that the Manhattan
Project was top secret?
9. What was the central issue that Truman had to consider in
determining whether to use the atomic bomb?
10. What was the goal of the Manhattan Project?
11. What was the strategy of Island Hopping and what was its
12. What was significant about the cost of WWII?
13. Essential Question: What was the turning point in the war
in the Pacific, what led up to it?