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Jazz is a blend of several genres:
- Ragtime
“Charleston Rag” by Eubie Blake
- Blues
“Mister Crump” by W.C. Handy
- New Orleans
“Buddy Bolden Stomp” by Sidney Bechet
How many of these elements can you identify
in this song?
Read the article “Negro Blues Singer” written
in 1926 then respond to these questions on
your notecard.
 What does Van Vechten say about Bessie Smith
and Clara Smith?
 How does he describe their voices? Their
 What are the factors that he says contributed to
their popularity?
 Do you agree with his observations?
Joe “King” Oliver
Louis Armstrong (19011971)
Without King Oliver,
Jazz music would not
be what it is today.
influence/mentor to
Luis Armstrong.
Abandoned by his father at
Mother was 16 at his time of
At the age of 7, Armstrong
delivered coal to prostitutes.
Was responsible for blowing a
horn when clients arrived.
1914- Armstrong begins to play
in local honkey tonks.
“Dream a Little Dream of Me”
by Louis Armstrong (feat Ella
The Harlem Hellfighters
On the front lines for
sixth months. (Longer
than any other
American regiment)
Introduced Jazz music
to the French.
Born in Washington
D.C. into a respectable
middle class family.
 At 14 he starts playing
in pool halls to impress
the ladies.
 Dresses nice, family
gives him his
nickname, “Duke.”
-Born in Virginia.
Moved to New York soon
after her birth.
- Made her singing debut at
The Apollo in Harlem in
The Key
Key Places Cont.
Key Places Cont.
Key Places Cont.
Harlem, New York
On your graphic organizer, compare some of
the musicians we talked about in class today
to some of your favorite musicians. Include:
-How the time period affected the musician(s).
-How the location affected the music being made.
-The legacy each has left, or will leave behind.
L7lA Ella Fitzgerald
pt_k Billy stewart