Marketing - michael198

By: Michael Resler
What is Marketing?
Marketing is defined by the American Marketing
Association as the activity, set of institutions, and
processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and
exchanging offerings that have value for customers,
clients, partners, and society at large.
Marketing is the social process by which individuals and
groups obtain what they need and want through
creating and exchanging products and value with others.
Marketing refers to promotion and can also involve
pricing, product placement and distribution when
What is the Marketing
Marketing concept the philosophy that an
organisation should try to provide products that
satisfy customers' needs through a co-ordinated set
of activities that also allows the organisation to
achieve its goals
Marketing concept: A theory of management which
states that corporate goals are best met when
methods are found allowing customers to meet
their goals. The satisfied customer supports the
company and its own goals.
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