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Jonas Medin
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+46 708 573 573
My name is Jonas Medin and I am applying for the position as Trend & Consumer Insight
Manager at XYZ. At your convenience, I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss the position
and my candidacy with you. You can find my CV attached.
I am looking to bring my knowledge in marketing research, statistics, marketing and business
intelligence together with my analytical skills, my commitment, creativity, interpersonal
communication skills and my curious attitude to succeed, in the mission to make
XYZconsumers and fans proud of their choice.
When I read about the position, I see my name on it: consumer insight (consumer
satisfaction, concept and product development, branding, loyalty etc), business intelligence
and implementation in a commercial environment. I have 15 years of experience in the
market research industry. During these years I have been subcontracting, conducting and
buying both qualitative but primarily quantitative market research and market research
projects. I strongly believe that I can be a good candidate for this role at Santa Maria.
Relevant experience and skills for the posted position include:
15 years experience of the market research industry including 5 years as a market
analyst. In depth knowledge of market research, market research projects and the market
research industry.
Unstoppable curiosity in costumer behavior, something that I´ve been investigating from
different perspectives. That has turned me from a statistician to a statistician with
strategic skills with a large network in the market research industry (subcontracting,
conducting and buying).
Projects of large variety: small & large, local & international, fast & slow moving
industries, B2B & B2C. And topics varying from industry flooring and day care to candy,
sports goods and food.
Strong ability (analytical and creative) to put data in context to identify gaps, think
strategically and propose way forward.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a reputation of being able to
explain complex matters in an easy (and entertaining) way. This was the case when I
helped our top management team to decide the current business strategy.
Profound interest in business intelligence and in social media has made me develop skills
that now are implemented at Västtrafik.
On the private side I like to spend time with my family and my friends. I am interested in
sports, music, movies, travelling, photography, communication, brands and customer
My main motivators: Curiosity and the desire to understand and improve.
My main professional interests: human motivation, communication, branding, business
development, business intelligence and creativity.
My main tools: Good analytical ability, easy to understand the others' perspectives, creativity
commitment and leadership by confidence.
Thanks for your consideration; I look forward to hear from you soon.
Kind regards
Jonas Medin
750406 4937
+46 708 573 573
Curriculum Vitae
Relevant education
Master in Statistics, Linköping University 1994-1998
Statistics, human geography, math/algebra and computer science
Bachelor in Human geography Linköping University 1996-1999
Courses in human geography and pedagogy
City University – Market research 2000
Kairos Future – Business intelligence (Basic Course) 2011
Current position
Västtrafik AB 2009Market analyst and member of the management team for Sales and Marketing. A
wide variety of tasks including consumer insight (customer satisfaction, product
development, branding), implementation of insights/results, marketing, pricing,
customer development, performance management, business intelligence and social
My work have had a large impact on the updated business strategy (2011), ticket
inspectors ethics (2013), assortment and a new branding strategy to be launched
Previous positions
ScandInfo Marketing Research 2004-2009
Quantitative analyst and account manager focused on customer satisfaction, product
development and brand studies. Projects of large variety: small & large, local &
international, fast & slow moving industries, B2B & B2C. And topics varying from
industry flooring and day care to candy, sports goods and food.
Norstat Sverige AB 2002-2004
Project manager and statistician with an additional responsibility in quality and
coordinating Nordic projects. Part of the management team
Hermelin Research AB 2000-2002
Project manager, account manager, sales manager, part of the management team.
Sparköp Gerdsken (ICA Maxi Alingsås) 1990-1996
Part time job (weekends and holidays) in a large grocery store
SMUF (Sveriges Marknadsundersökningsköpares Förening) 2012-2014
Member of the board and head of education and seminars.
Guldnyckeln 2014
Head of Social Media at the event.
Jonas Medin
750406 4937
+46 708 573 573
Hundrawattaren 2012
Head of the jury group SMART - Mixed advertising campaigns with a smaller budget
(less than one million SEK).
SÖK (Swedish market researchers association) 2002-2004
A few different part time projects relating to quality issues.
Faculty of arts and sciences, Linköping University 1997-1999
Member of the council.
Hosting @Sweden, Visit Sweden's global twitter account with 70 000 followers during
the Christmas week 2013.
Awarded Market research buyer of the year (Marknadsundersökningens Dag 2011)
Participated as the main character in Västtrafik’s guerrilla campaign in Onsala 2009
Awarded Thesis: Statistical analysis of migration patterns of young people in 1999
Participated in the final of the Swedish championship in Mathematics 1991
In-depth knowledge of what I have done and learned during the various positions are
available on my LinkedIn page